New Destiny 2 Witch Queen Trailer Hints At Mercury’s Return

Guardian of Destiny 2 knelt before the Witch Queen.

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trailers Fate 2‘s coming witch queen expansion It was among the best in the series, sparking old puzzles and new loot in a way that got me really excited for what could lie in the next story campaign. The latest is no exception, and it forces fans to dig deeper to unearth some of its most obscure references.

First: the new trailer:

charming queen It will be all about Savathûn, the cell deity who is Fate 2A master of deception and deception that looks like Loki, and in this latest video we get a greater glimpse into the world of the Throne, a pocket dimension governed by her will. “This Throne World is indistinguishable from my mind,” she says during the promo, hinting at some very cool possibilities for the illusion-based raid and giving me fond memories of the 2000 psychological thriller and sci-fi, cell.

But watch closely and you’ll briefly catch a stray barrage of numbers and symbols in about 25 seconds. Whereas she would have gone right over the head of the average viewer, fate Players are nothing but mediocre, and soon begin to group them together in RaidSecrets subreddit and in other places. This is what they found:

The numbers and symbols displayed during the new Destiny 2 trailer offer possible hints of things to come.

screenshot: bungee

  • 16 is the atomic number of mercury and 32.006 is its weight.
  • 18 is the atomic number of sulfur and 200.59 is its weight.
  • [Xe]4F145Dr106s2 is the electron configuration for osmium.

what does that mean? Well, Mercury is also a planet added to it Fate 2 During Warmind DLC but was later vaulted after that beyond the light chest. Perhaps it will return in some form, or at least players will be able to visit a Mercury-like destination as part of the Savathûn trick. And what about sulfur? Well, Mercury’s surface is full of it, so it’s likely another nod to the planet recently consumed by the mysterious Black Pyramid ships. All hints of Mercury can also be an indirect reference to the eventual fate of Warlock Osiris, who once called the planet his home.

Osmium is the most interesting of them all because it directly points to Savathon’s past. Osmium Court was a continent on its home planet that was ruled by Savathon’s father. He is assassinated, however, causing Savathon and her brothers to flee for their lives but vow revenge. Savathon also got rid of her father’s dead worm – a divine parasite that goes with the darkness – during the chaos, a choice that sent her long and tortuous A path steeped in knowledge To her current confrontation with Fate 2players.

A reference to osmium in the trailer could mean we’ll visit the ancient court in some way, or learn more about it. Of course, all of this can be just Easter egg lore for that, although Bungie doesn’t usually lead players to random rabbit pits just for fun. Plus there are other weird symbols Players are still trying to decipher.

In more realistic terms, the new trailer also featured upcoming weapons, including a new Exotic Hive-based submachine gun called Osteo Striga which means “cry of the bones” in Latin. What is that? Baby Pyramids?! charming queen The expansion takes effect on February 22nd.


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