No trains, no planes, no cars, and NO GAS – Welcome to the Democrats’ DE-CIVILIZATION utopia –

No trains, no planes, no cars, and NO GAS – Welcome to the Democrats’ DE-CIVILIZATION utopia –

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  • January 13, 2023
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No trains, no planes, no cars, and NO GAS – Welcome to the Democrats’ DE-CIVILIZATION utopia –

(Natural News) As Democrats are now aggressively pursuing a coordinated fear-porn campaign to try to convince Americans that gas stoves are suddenly deadly and need to be banned, the so-called “progressives” have cemented their position as anti-progress. In fact, they are anti-civilizational and want to take away fire and anything that burns: stoves, vehicles, firearms, stoves, and so on.

Additionally, in some Democrat-controlled states, you no longer have the right to flush a normal-capacity toilet. Water restrictions require low-flow toilets that barely work, and installing a regular toilet may result in fines.

NY Gov. Hochul just announced that she wants to ban all gas stoves by 2030, forcing New Yorkers to switch to electric stoves. But since the power grid goes out during many storms, such a move would potentially give millions of New Yorkers the ability to cook or heat during storm outages. This would only worsen the public health/public safety crisis that seems to follow every major snowstorm or radical weather event.

In California, Governor Newsom has announced that the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles will be banned by 2035. Washington State will ban them by 2030. A similar ban will come into effect in New York in 2035. In these and other states, transportation options are being collapsed, leaving individuals and businesses with few practical options while also straining the grid to the point of collapse, thanks to both electric stoves and electric vehicles pulling heavy electricity demands across lackluster grid infrastructure.


The Democrats are rolling their states back to the 18th century

As the bans pile up, it doesn’t take long to realize that Democrat-led states are involved in decivilizing modern advances. They take away from internal combustion engines, clean energy sources like natural gas and reliable water abundance. This will produce a two tier nation where:

Blue states will be backward, collapsed, crime-ridden hellholes with very little access to working sources of energy, transportation, heating, air conditioning, food, or other basic needs. When the producers leave, their economies will collapse, populated by welfare recipients, criminals, addicts, and anyone too poor to afford an escape. RED states will be advanced, modern, and highly desirable, with ample access to energy, vehicles, affordable gas, water, transportation, food, and more. Economies will expand rapidly with the availability of energy and the importation of entrepreneurs and workers fleeing the collapsing blue states.

Life in a blue state will soon resemble life in the 18th century, while red states will function as modern, prosperous societies with all the benefits of electricity, energy, modern transportation, heating, cooking, water and other resources.

In other words, in a world of planes, trains, and cars, Democrat-led states are determined to have NO planes, NO trains, and NO cars. Just masses of enslaved, censored, obedient, vaccinated voters effectively locked up in huge, state-sized prison camps.

In the 1980’s there was a great movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy called Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Today this movie would star AOC and Al Gore and be called NO Planes, NO Trains, and NO Automobiles:

NoPlanes NoTrains NoAutomobiles 550 News For Everyone Zoohouse News

Escape the prison camp states or create your own new state if you hope to survive

All of this explains why so many people are fleeing Democrat-controlled states like California, New York and Illinois. Any entity run by Democrats — a city, county, or state — will collapse into ruin, plagued by violent crime, homelessness, rampant drug addiction, corruption, and despair. No life is sustainable under democratic rule as they destroy civilization (and families, logic, reason, language, money, fairness, knowledge, freedom, privacy, etc.). Those who want to live with something like liberty and abundance must either flee the blue states or break away from them and found their own new states (like the New California effort already underway).

If you don’t flee, you will be sucked into the maelstrom of destruction and doom the Dems are now embracing. Since violent crime in the Dem.M. controlled cities is skyrocketing, even grocery retailers are closing and going out of business, leaving many areas of these cities with few grocery options. In New York, for example, grocery retailers say they will start locking up the meat because of rampant retail theft. If that doesn’t solve the problem, they’ll just abandon the blue cities altogether. As Fox News reports:

The National Supermarket Association represents independent grocery stores in New York City. Its statistics show that 30% of its members have left the city in recent years.

It is now perfectly clear that the Democrats are anti-humanity and anti-civilization. They reject anything necessary to propel a modern society forward, and they actively seek to destroy not only the infrastructure that keeps people alive, but to annihilate the human population at the same time. Hence the Democrats’ breathless pimping of the mRNA infertility/depopulation vaccine that has already killed over a million Americans (and counting). Notice also that they are anti-family, anti-women, anti-motherhood, and anti-language, reason, logic, and parenting. The University of Southern California recently banned the word “field” from its legal language, claiming that “field” is inherently racist and anti-immigrant. Anyone who now goes to university to learn science is seen as a racist fanatic, especially if they study electromagnetic fields or similar phenomena.

Find out more about all of this in Today’s Situation Update podcast, which also includes a fascinating interview with Randall Carlson on the comet impact theory and Earth’s hidden history:

– Democrats are rolling back on civilization by banning stoves, cars, gas, water and more
– America will be divided into two tiers: Democratic-run, collapsed “Mad Max” vs. free, modern states
– More Americans will FLEE the collapsing blue states as DE-CIVILIZATION accelerates
– The entire US air transportation system riding on a single broken computer at the FAA
– Why Pete Buttigieg should be called TRANS-Secretary, not “-portation”
– The FAA has ZERO REDUNDANCY, systems can fail at any time
– Illinois sheriffs are defying the unconstitutional ban on assault weapons
– Tesla is pumping another $775 million into massive Austin facility expansion
– Is Tesla actually building an underground tunnel transportation hub? A future spaceport?
– Fascinating interview with Randall Carlson on Earth Disasters





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