Novak Djokovic latest news: Australian Border Force investigate potential false travel claim

Novak Djokovic wins appeal against deportation from Australia

Novak Djokovic is stepping up his Australian Open preparations after winning his battle with the country’s government over his visa – for now at least. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still considering the possibility of a “personal power to rescind,” a move that could last for several days.

The world number one participated in a training session at Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday, which was covered in secrecy after tournament organizers closed the doors to training and suspended the live broadcast of the stadium. Tennis Australia later released a video of the session but reports on the ground indicated an “uncomfortable” situation for the Serbs.

His parents were outspoken during the course of the appeal, with his father claiming victory for human rights and freedom of speech in a “young man from a small poor country” defeating “big and strong people” in the courts. Meanwhile, Djokovic’s mother compared his treatment to “torture and harassment”.

However, none of his family chose to answer questions about the tennis star’s positive Covid result from December, ending a press conference when the matter came to light on Monday. Court documents show that Djokovic tested positive on December 16, but the next day he was apparently photographed in public without a mask and in the presence of children. Follow the latest news and reactions from Djokovic’s hearing below.


Djokovic received an ‘uncomfortable’ reception in training

Novak Djokovic received an “uncomfortable” reception from his fellow players as he participated in a secret training session at the Australian Open on Tuesday, according to reports.

Djokovic was released from an immigration facility on Monday after winning his appeal against deportation from the country, and says he is “focused” on defending his Australian Open title.

While Djokovic still faces the prospect of having his visa revoked, as Immigration Minister Alex Hawke considers whether to exercise personal power to revoke, the nine-times Australian Open champion is back in training before the tournament begins on January 17.

Djokovic participated in a training session at the Rod Laver Arena, which was covered in secrecy after tournament organizers closed the doors to training and cut off the live broadcast of the stadium.

Tennis Australia later released a video of Djokovic training with coach Goran Ivanisevic, but the world number one was also said to have taken part in an indoor gym session.

According to New York Times reporter Ben Rothenberg, who quoted a source at the facility, “the place where everyone stared was silent. Talk about uncomfortable.”

(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Ben BurroughsJan 11 2022 18:48


Murray says Djokovic still has questions to answer

Andy Murray said Novak Djokovic still had questions to answer about his controversial entry to Australia, despite the World No. 1 winning an appeal against his deportation from the country.

Djokovic has yet to face the media since his release on Monday, despite taking part in two training sessions at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. In a social media post confirming he will play the Australian Open as planned, Djokovic said: “At the moment I can’t say more.”

While Murray, a longtime friend and rival of Djokovic, welcomed the outcome of the court hearing and his release, the former British No. 1 player said he must address these remaining questions before the tournament begins on January 17.

“He’s certainly no longer under arrest,” said Murray, after stepping up his Australian Open preparations with his first win of the season at the Sydney International Classic.

“Obviously he won on court and that’s a positive thing for him. Hopefully he’ll be able to focus on tennis now.

“I think there are still some questions that need to be answered about isolation and stuff, and I’m sure we’ll hear from him in the next few days.”

(Getty Images)

Ben BurroughsJan 11 2022 18:25


Kyrgios ’embarrassed’ to be an Australian athlete

Nick Kyrgios is ’embarrassed’ about being an Australian athlete due to the way he played Djokovic’s visa situation.

“We know the media loves to create storms, with my story and everything that happens with Novak,” Kyrgios said, “I am very embarrassed as an Australian athlete who saw what this guy did for us and for the sport.

“I just don’t think the way we handle it right, but the media likes to do it, likes to divide.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 18:00


Djokovic’s treatment is not an ‘insult’

Comedian David Badel tweeted about Djokovic and the situation that has developed over the past few days. The world has suggested no. The treatment of 1 at Melbourne Airport was not a ‘terrible insult’ to the Serbs, but merely that he was treated by border forces as if he were other unprotected travelers.

Djokovic’s father, Sardin, had suggested at their press conference on Monday that his son had been treated harshly because he came from a “small and poor country”.

Sardan said, “Obviously, the fact that he came from a small and poor country was not a big thing, he loved strong people. They believed that they had powers from God that this world was their world, and it is impossible for a young man from a small poor country to be the best in their sport “.

But Padel believes he was not treated harshly, tweeting: “Is it possible that the Australian Border Force’s decision not to let Djokovic in immediately was not, in fact, a horrific insult to Serbia and Serbs everywhere, but just that they enforce the same regulations that they would to any traveller? Another unvaccinated?”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 17:40


Morrison was criticized by Rod

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has targeted current leader Scott Morrison for the way Djokovic’s situation has been handled.

the world does not. 1 was initially granted medical exemption to enter the country as he tested positive on December 16. However, upon his arrival his visa was canceled and he was held in a hotel until his appeal. Djokovic won the appeal to remain in Australia but could be deported in the coming days.

Rudd tweeted: “Does Morrison have any idea why he’s incompetent #Djokovic Did you brand Australia in the eyes of the world? He aims as a clever political distraction from his outright neglect of hospitals, boosters, children’s vaccines and rapid tests. Instead, it was blown up in the face.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 17:20


Voracova hopes to compete with Djokovic has been deported

Renata Vorakova’s visa was also canceled after she entered Australia because she came to the country in a similar exemption to Djokovic.

She had recently contracted Covid and so was initially allowed to enter the country. However, her visa was canceled and she was deported.

She has said she hopes Djokovic does not have the same fate, saying, “I hope he plays. Because that’s what we went for: to play tennis and not be part of any indoor games.”

Sarah RendellJanuary 11 2022, 17:00


More doubt on Djokovic’s path

Border Force officials are set to ask Djokovic more questions about his entry into Australia and this time he will focus on travel before arriving.

Djokovic said he had not traveled anywhere before arriving in Melbourne but footage emerged showing him in Spain.

On his ATD form, which Djokovic’s legal team filed in court, the answer “No” is selected under the question: “Have you traveled, or will you travel, within the 14 days prior to your trip to Australia?”

Under the question there is a note that states: “Giving false or misleading information is a serious crime. You may also be liable to a civil penalty for providing false or misleading information.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 16:40


Djokovic is “stubborn” and will play well in front of a hostile crowd

Commentator Andrew Castle believes Djokovic will grow up in a tense atmosphere at the Australian Open.

The star will try to defend his title and achieve a record in the Grand Slam. People expected that he would meet angry fans in the stadium but Kassel says this will not affect the Serbs.

He told Sky: “When the time comes, and the bell rings, he will be ready to compete. Sometimes Novak can be better when everyone is against him than when everyone is with him.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 16:20


Tomic attacks Covid test

Bernard Tomic believes he will test positive for Covid while being tested at the Australian Open.

Tomic is heard complaining about taking the test to a referee during a qualifying match he lost. He said, “I can’t believe no one is getting tested. They let the players into the stadium with quick tests in their room. Come on. There is no official PCR test.”

He has since said he’s isolating, here’s the full story:

Sarah RendellJanuary 11 2022, 16:00


Djokovic, number one

While Djokovic’s chances of competing in the Australian Open are questionable, he still holds the top spot in the men’s tournament.

World No. 1 is waiting to see if Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke will revoke his visa which will lead to his deportation.

A decision is expected on Wednesday, but Djokovic is the men’s top seed with Ashleigh Barty as the women’s lead.

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 15:40

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