Number of Illegal Aliens Entering US in First Quarter of FY23 Greater Than Population of Most Major US Cities –

Number of Illegal Aliens Entering US in First Quarter of FY23 Greater Than Population of Most Major US Cities –

Number of Illegal Aliens Entering US in First Quarter of FY23 Greater Than Population of Most Major US Cities –

(Natural News) The number of illegal immigrants who entered the United States in the first quarter of fiscal 2023 (fiscal year that begins Oct. 1) exceeded most major American cities, according to a new report.

About “844,000 migrants were either detained after crossing the southwest border or were deemed ‘runaways’ in the fiscal first quarter,” reported Breitbart News, citing unofficial figures from the US Border Patrol.

“The figure represents the reported arrest of 631,000 migrants and a further 212,000 migrants classified as known escape routes,” the report continued.

The 117 largest US cities have populations of 212,000 and over, but that number is higher than many other notable American cities such as Rochester, NY; Little Rock, Ark.; Sioux Falls, SD; Salt Lake City, UT; Tallahassee, FL; Montgomery, Alabama; feet Lauderdale, Florida and Eugene, Oregon to name a few.

Breitbart News further explained:

Gotaways are an estimate by border guards of migrants who are either seen and not apprehended, or counted through other means, including technology and tracking. These are migrants illegally crossing the border with no intention of surrendering to law enforcement to seek asylum, officials previously told Breitbart.

In December alone, around 32,000 of these escape attempts were made in the El Paso sector alone. Agents in the El Paso sector arrested nearly 56,000 migrants in December. This brings the number of known border crossings to 88,000 for the month.


But that’s not the only insult to American taxpayers thanks to Joe Biden’s refusal — refusal — to enforce current immigration and border security laws like Donald Trump are on the books. The recent $1.7 trillion “omnibus” spending bill passed by Congress includes a shocking $785 million for transporting, feeding and housing illegal migrants. (Imagine how many miles of freeway that would fund, or how many power lines it would replace, or upgrade outdated water and sewage systems.)

“Included in this bill is the transfer of $800 million from CBP to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), of which $785 million will go towards supporting shelters and related activities by non-federal agencies, including facility improvements and construction ‘Used to help alleviate overcrowding in short-term detention centers,'” noted Andrew Arthur, senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, last week. “Oh, and another $1.6 million for CBP’s ‘suicide prevention and wellness activities.’ Congress needs to look into this.”

“It should come as no surprise that Biden’s border fiasco has taken a toll on CBP employees on the southwest border. Morale is at an all-time low and the administration doesn’t seem to care much,” Arthur continued. “By the end of November 2022, 14 CBP employees committed suicide, the last three of whom were Border Patrol agents at the Southwest border who took their own lives less than two weeks apart. I am not saying that the Biden-caused border disaster either caused or accelerated these deaths. However, as a former member of Congressional Oversight, I would like to know.”

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, meanwhile, found that the massive sum of money earmarked for migrants in the spending bill actually encourages more illegal immigration (which, of course, is the whole point).

“The final spending package, approved by a Congress on the way out, leaves little doubt that chaos on the border is the policy of the Democratic Party today and their goal is to create more of it,” Dan said Stein, President of JUST. “Just a party that affirms open borders – regardless of the fiscal, security and humanitarian costs – would render obsolete the only remaining policy that allows expedited deportation of even some illegal migrants, willfully tying the hands of our Border Patrol Agency.”

“To be clear, the President can restore operational control of the border simply by enforcing laws that are already on the books — many of which he voted for as a Senator. Instead, he and his party continue to deflect blame by claiming they inherited a broken system. The truth is they intentionally broke it themselves and are getting in the way of efforts to fix it,” he continued.

“Rather than doing anything to regain control of our borders, the Omnibus is solely focused on processing illegal aliens as quickly as possible and transporting them to already overwhelmed communities across the United States. This massive spending bill effectively turns CBP into a federally administered travel agency for illegal aliens and burdens state and local governments with the costs of education, healthcare, housing and other basic needs for the endless stream of illegal aliens the Biden administration is waiving from the country,” locksmith.

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