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One of America’s biggest televangelists died of COVID-19 after his alternative treatments failed / LGBTQ Nation

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TV host Marcus Lamb – who once compared LGBT people to “drug addicts and shoplifters” – died earlier today after weeks in hospital from COVID-19. Now his son says his father’s death was a “spiritual attack from the enemy.”

His wife, Johnny Lamb, announced, on today’s broadcast, that Lamb, who was 64, passed away early this morning. He tested positive for COVID-19 after more than a year of his anti-vaccine network’s efforts.

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“I have no doubt that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy,” his son Jonathan said of Lamb’s disease on November 23. Ministry now turns out. “As much as my parents have gone here to kind of inform everyone about everything that’s going on with the pandemic and some of the ways to treat COVID – there’s no doubt the enemy isn’t happy about that.”

Lamb was the CEO of the Daystar Television Network, one of the largest Christian broadcasters in the United States. The channel has regularly hosted anti-vaccine activists, including Sherry Tenbeni, who believes that vaccines make people magnetized.

She has been on the network several times, along with other anti-vaccine activists like Ryan Cole, who has promoted the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. He also claimed that “thousands of patients, weeks after infection [of a COVID-19 vaccine]We’re seeing stage 3 or 4 cancer.” That’s not true, and usually the cancer has been in the human body for more than a year or several years before it’s diagnosed.

The Daystar website still has a page about vaccines that says they can be “the most dangerous thing your child can face in life” and that there are “too few safety protocols and an increasing number of vaccine-related infections”. These statements are incorrect. Vaccines authorized in the United States have been rigorously tested and found to be safe and effective.

While these shows put viewers at risk, Marcus and Johnny Lamb reportedly lived well. Daystar has bought a private jet for millions of dollars it got from the Paycheck Protection Program, government money meant to help companies pay their employees during the pandemic. Lamb and his family have posted pictures of themselves vacationing on the plane during the pandemic.

But his family’s fortune caused him some problems. After years of an extramarital affair, three people tried to blackmail the Lambs and demanded $7.5 million to keep the matter under wraps in 2019.

Instead, Lamb spoke out about the issue on his network and promised that he would “not take God’s money to protect her from humiliation.”

“He went through an inappropriate period of misconduct with one person, and he was not a man,” his therapist said in a bizarre statement, stressing that the relationship wasn’t that bad because it was heterosexual. “He wasn’t a transvestite. He was with a woman.”

“I think this was a direct attack from Satan,” the Christian counselor said.

And once again he blames the people around Lamb for the consequences of his actions on Satan.

“The enemy,” said Jonathan Lamb, “is doing everything in his power to eliminate my father.”

The sheep, over the age of 60, and diabetic has not been vaccinated. He contracted the virus and had to be hospitalized by November 12 due to “dangerously low” oxygen levels, according to a social media post by a friend. His wife said he tried alternative treatments they were promoting on their channel but could not recover. She said she’s “breathing through COVID” with the same treatments, according to Religion News Service.

“This morning at 4 AM I became President and Founder of Daystar and the love of my life with Jesus,” said Johnny Lamb this morning. “You wanted to hear from me that he is with the Lord.”

Daystar has yet to acknowledge that Lamb had COVID-19, instead saying in a brief statement that he “came home to be with the Lord this morning” and that people respect his family’s privacy.

In addition to anti-vaccine charlatans, Daystar has also promoted witchcraft conversion therapy, speaking with “former gay and lesbian guests” who learned “the importance of discovering perfection in Jesus Christ” on one show.

Helped Johnny Lamb in the promotion LGBT awareness, a book that “exposes false teachings and deceptions that have created a false identity through the lens of gender rather than the eyes of God’s Word.” Promotional material for the book says that it was tested by “a focus group of same-sex attraction individuals” who allegedly liked it.

Marcus Lamb has also expressed anti-LGBT sentiment himself. He had a conservative activist on his 2007 show who opposed blanket LGBT hate crime legislation as an attempt to “turn the nation” and “close down every church in America.”

“What then?” Lamb’s response. Hate Crimes Bill for Drug Addicts and Robbery?

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