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Pfizer Drives Cultural Change in Sustainable and Accessible Data with MicroStrategy

SingaporeAnd January 11 2022 /PRNewswire/- micro . strategy, a US-based enterprise analytics platform, powered by Pfizer, an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, to usher in the future of sustainable data culture. With the help of solutions and tools designed to up the data game, Pfizer recognized the value of this inevitable change and continued to drive the conversation both internally and externally.

Understanding the importance of digital finance and the help of data, Pfizer has undergone a transformation and is beginning to see data as an important corporate asset that is unified and organized in ways that make insights easier to find, with access to them across different devices.

Stephen DawsonThe Senior Director of Digital Finance, Pfizer, explained, “We have recognized that there are three very different user profiles, the first being the executive leadership team, who needs to see high-level financial data on a monthly basis. Our second group is the mid-level of the senior leaders, who need to see data for a specific area, perhaps a business unit with a local hierarchy. And then our third group is individual country managers or teams, who need very detailed information and detailed reports.”

MicroStrategy can take all that data and distill it into different dashboards and reports for different levels of access allowing for a smoother transition to a new data-driven culture – all the more effective when the different needs of the organization are announced.

Dawson added, “In addition, it is very good to identify metrics that will help you track adoption or not, help highlight who is using dashboards, what reports or worksheets they are using, perhaps even the types of queries that are being run, even Later we can improve the app but also ask questions.”

By taking advantage of what the platform has to offer, the data is made more actionable. Likewise, useful information can be applied across different areas of business and markets backed by business intelligence tools and software that enhance the appeal for adoption of the new approach.

In addition to the implemented automation of financial reporting, the self-service model of business intelligence that MicroStrategy is able to bring to the table, has also been a major aspect of digital transformation. Increased interactivity, technology integration (such as natural language generation), and chat bots are some of the ways Pfizer has sought to bypass it.

At the same time, MicroStrategy integration is paving the way for the overall streamlining of data, easing the burden on demands across departments, and emphasizing the need for upskilling and a new way of doing things for an enterprise of scale. Like Pfizer.

Fung LoMicroStrategy’s president and chief financial officer noted, “At MicroStrategy, we’re starting to try to solve what we call the ‘last mile problem’ using Hyperintelligence, which gets the insights to users who need it, when they need it, without having to dig into dashboards and reports.”

As with Pfizer’s commitment to embracing sustainable access to data, MicroStrategy’s powerful data analytics solutions, the ability to deliver business intelligence to all levels of the organization, and a self-service model are excellent key steps to helping organizations move forward with data. You can learn more about the MicroStrategy and Pfizer partnership details by clicking here.

About MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is the largest publicly traded independent trade intelligence firm, with the leading enterprise analytics platform. Our vision is to empower intelligence everywhere. MicroStrategy delivers state-of-the-art analytics on an open, end-to-end enterprise platform used by many of the world’s most recognized brands in the Fortune Global 500. The platform is optimized for cloud and on-premises deployments, and features HyperIntelligence.®, a cutting-edge technology that overlays actionable enterprise data on popular business applications to help users make smarter, faster decisions.

SOURCE MicroStrategy

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