Prepare for a “Food Police State” With Guards, Rationing, and Riots –

Prepare for a “Food Police State” With Guards, Rationing, and Riots –

Prepare for a “Food Police State” With Guards, Rationing, and Riots –

(Natural News) Today’s analysis covers threats to food security in 2023 and beyond, beginning with the now apparent fact that food inflation continues to worsen almost everywhere. This easy-to-observe fact is so self-evident today that no one needs to be persuaded of the reality of rising food prices. Yet few people have given serious thought to where this is headed in terms of global famine, civil unrest, revolution and more.

In 2023 and beyond, we will see some of the troubling signs of food shortages and panic among the general public and food retailers:

Armed guards at grocery stores fighting back surge in organized theft of meat products in retail outlets. Access restrictions (and biometric ID requirements) on who can enter grocery stores and buy groceries. Food rationing limits enforced through digital currency controls that closely monitor your grocery purchases and ban you if you’ve reached your government-enforced limit. Food riots erupt in many cities and countries as fear and famine spread. More food wastage through sabotage of food facilities and transportation infrastructure. Increased geoengineering efforts to destroy crops from man-made droughts, floods, and storms.

For the full list, see my podcast (below), which also features an interview with David DuByne (Adapt 2030), a Brighteon.TV host and global food analyst.

In America, groceries are becoming more expensive and scarce, but the shelves will not be empty just yet

In 2023, the United States will experience significant food inflation and intermittent shortages, but shelves will not become empty on a large scale. However, food shortages will be far worse seen in Europe and consumers there should expect empty shelves, less choice, less depth of inventory at retailers and frequent purchase restrictions imposed by retailers.


For Americans, the grocery shopping experience in 2023 will increasingly resemble a police state, with entry restrictions, guarded entry and exit points in some stores, increased surveillance, and dedicated store guards near the meat aisles of many stores.

We anticipate increased car thefts from grocery customers driving home, increased robberies of grocery customers exiting stores, and increased home thefts involving groceries rather than jewelry or other valuables. We also assume that consumers intentionally buy in bulk (several people together) as they realize that safety comes in numbers.

In many areas of American cities, grocery shoppers arm themselves before going shopping and carry concealed pistols as a means of self-defense. We will see food shootings in 2023 and beyond.

In addition, we anticipate more wholesale food theft, with organized wholesale theft rings targeting meat plants, grocers and food manufacturers. Think of this as “pallet theft” involving forklifts and heavy trucks.

Your experience largely depends on where you live

While the “food police state” scenario will aggressively unfold in blue cities marked by rampant theft, violence and police defunding, rural grocery chains are unlikely to experience such chaos. The rule of law is stronger in rural counties and states across America, and the rapid expansion of both concealed carry and constitutional carry (carry without a permit) laws means food thieves will think twice before robbing rural grocery stores that are probably from well-armed customers.

Will people shoot each other for food in 2023? We think so, yes. But most of the violence will likely be confined to high-density cities populated by lawless people (ie Leftists/Democrats).

However, the violence could be multiplied at any time due to failures in the federal food stamp system (SNAP program), which could stem from cyberattacks or power grid outages. Such scenarios would likely lead to spontaneous food riots, followed by looting of food retailers in affected cities.

In response, we anticipate that many grocery retailers will close their operations in blue cities and simply refuse to do business in such lawless environments. Dispensaries like CVS have already followed this pattern, closing stores in high-risk areas (all blue cities run by lawless Democrats).

This will further exacerbate the mystery of the “food desert” in inner cities, where food choices are already limited and nutritionally deficient.

Government fraud over food inflation

When the White House claims that food inflation has “peaked” and may even fall, they are saying that inflation is no longer rising. But prices continue to rise because the inflation rate still remains in positive territory. Mathematically, they claim that the second derivative (the rate of change) is leveling off, but the first derivative (the rate of change) is still high, so food will continue to rise in price even when the inflation rate is rising or decreasing is said to be falling.

Few understand that. The masses are so illiterate in mathematics that Britain’s Daily Mail reports people being stunned to learn that 550/2 isn’t 225. For some reason people think 550/2 is 225 when it’s obviously 275. But math illiteracy is so rampant that typical consumers don’t even know basic fifth-grade classification, let alone understand the second derivative of food prices.

Mathematically illiterate people are very easy for governments to fool, and that is exactly what is happening.

More Americans will grow their own food in 2023 and beyond

The silver lining is the fact that this year (and for many years to come) more Americans will choose to grow some of their own food.

Home gardening will quickly go from being a hobby to a money-saving necessity. In other words, if food inflation is bad enough, growing food at home to save money will become viable. Easy-to-grow crops like okra and kale can easily add fresh produce to a household diet without requiring expensive inputs (other than time).

For this reason, we anticipate record demand for garden tools, home garden fertilizers and seeds for the 2023 spring gardening season.

We have two frequent sponsors who offer non-GMO heirloom seed kits: and Use the discount code ‘Ranger’ to save at both retailers’ websites.

The benefit of all of this is that the more Americans grow their own food, the healthier they become. In addition, local food production contributes to food decentralization and encourages local food exchanges and small retail businesses. Decentralized food systems are more resilient and adaptable, allowing them to respond smarter and faster to major events such as economic embargoes, droughts, or other crop conditions that cause widespread crop failures.

Additionally, most local gardeners and small farmers tend to use heirloom or non-GMO seeds, promoting seed conservation and the sustainability of local foods without relying on toxic herbicides like glyphosate.

In other words, the high price of corporate monoculture food is likely to spark a local food revolution with tremendous benefits for humanity.

It’s time for humanity to grow.

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– Expect food riots and food rationing in many countries in 2023
– Disruptions in transport infrastructure will exacerbate scarcity
– Featured interview with David DuByne on food shortage predictions for 2023





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