Prince William told Prince Harry not to worry about ‘surrogate children’ – Hollywood Life

Prince William told Prince Harry not to worry about ‘surrogate children’ – Hollywood Life

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Prince William told Prince Harry not to worry about ‘surrogate children’ – Hollywood Life

FILE - In this September 16, 1987 file photo, Britain's Prince Harry waves to photographers while holding a Thomas The Tank Engine bag on his first day at a nursery in Notting Hill, west London.  Britain's Prince Harry has recorded a special message to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Thomas The Tank Engine and is introducing a new program called Thomas And Friends: The Royal Engine, which will feature Queen Elizabeth II and his father Prince Charles as animated characters was shown on Netflix in the US on May 1, 2020 and Channel 5 Milkshake in the UK on May 2, 2020 at 9:05 am.  (AP Photo/Martin Cleaver, File)

The Princess of Wales holds son Prince Harry while royal families posed for photographers on Sunday August 9, 1987, at the Royal Palace, Mallorca, Spain.  Prince Charles and Princess Diana with their two children William and Henry are spending a week vacationing on the island as guests of King Juan Carlos and his family.  (AP Photo/John Redman)

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Prince Harry, 38, revealed he feels “responsible” to “at least one” of his brother Prince William’s children because he believes they will end up being a “surrogate” like him. The Duke of Sussex admitted to speaking to his 40-year-old sibling about his concerns, but told him not to worry in a new interview. “As I well know in my family, if it’s not us,” he said while pointing to his chest, “it’s going to be someone else,” Harry, who published his memoir Spare last week, told The Telegraph .

“And although William and I have spoken about it once or twice and he has made it very clear to me that his children are not my responsibility, I still feel responsible because I know that out of those three children at least one will end like me, the replacement,” he added. “And that hurts, that worries me.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton, childrenPrince William and Kate Middleton with their three children, including Prince Louis, left, Prince Charlotte, center, and their firstborn, Prince George, right. (Aaron Chown/AP/Shutterstock)

William is the father of his first-born, Prince George, 9, who succeeds him in line to the throne, and his second- and third-born children, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4. Harry’s comments about them come after he opened up about his own struggles growing up as a “surrogate” son when he was born after William. He also opened up about his tumultuous relationship with his brother, which once included an alleged fight that resulted in Harry being grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground.

Harry’s latest concern for his niece and nephew comes a few years after he first spoke publicly about his relationship with William’s eldest son shortly after his birth in 2013. He said he wants to “make sure he has a good upbringing and keep him out of harm’s way and make sure he’s having fun.”

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Prince HarryPrince Harry’s memoir, Spare, was released on January 10. (Tejas Sandhu/SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

“I’ll leave the rest to the parents,” he added, joking, “I just hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting fees are.”

Despite all the headlines Harry is making with his tell-all book, which also details the issues that led him and his wife Meghan Markle to decide to leave royal working life for a more secluded and private life in California, William and other members of the royal family have not commented publicly. William was recently asked if he had read the book during a performance with his wife Kate Middleton at the Open Door charity in Merseyside, England, and he ignored the question.

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