Processed foods are the real ‘pandemic’ and the government couldn’t care less –

Processed foods are the real ‘pandemic’ and the government couldn’t care less –

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  • December 10, 2022
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Processed foods are the real ‘pandemic’ and the government couldn’t care less –

(Natural News) The government and media made much ado about nothing regarding the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as they collectively destroyed society to keep people “safe” from a “virus” whose existence has never been proven. Now hundreds of thousands of people die every year from eating processed foods, and nobody in positions of power says a word.

New research published in the journal JAMA Network says that between 280,000 and 325,000 people, depending on which datasets are used, die each year from obesity caused by a “really dangerous ‘virus’ that affects everyone.” . This “virus,” the study explains, is “highly addictive high-carb, high-sugar processed foods that make everyone fat, lazy, and disease-riddled.”

Another paper published by the National Math Foundation cites data from the World Health Organization (WHO) warning that obesity is increasing, perhaps most noticeably among children.

“The obesity epidemic has spread from the general population to our nation’s children,” states this study. “Administrations, health officials and politicians have already joined forces to tackle the so-called ‘crisis portion’ of childhood obesity.”

“Research has led to numerous community-based interventions, but progress is slow and resources limited. Combined, obesity and math illiteracy each pose a threat to the future of the United States and its most important resource—children.” (Related: Remember 2017 when quack “scientists” declared that global warming, unprocessed foods, causes diabetes?)


Grow and grow your own food and stop chemical poisoning from you and your family

Another study from Brazil highlights that “consumption of ultra-processed foods” is responsible for a 28 percent faster global decline in cognitive ability, as well as a 25 percent faster decline in executive functioning, meaning the mental abilities that are used daily are needed for work, learn and cope with everyday life.

The same government officials who wanted you masked and “vaccinated” to “protect” you from a fictional airborne virus are responsible for the use of toxic chemicals, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in things allowing people to eat like this is destroying their bodies and their lives.

Does it make sense to you? Of course not. The reason for this is that it’s not about protecting anyone from anything – except of course from the globalists who are trying to protect themselves from you by terrorizing you with fake “pandemics” and force-feeding you artificial poison to keep you healthy to destroy.

Interestingly, cognitive decline is accelerating throughout the developed West, including in the United States, where the number of people predicted to have Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is expected to more than double by 2050.

In the Brazilian study, one group of people was fed unprocessed or minimally processed foods, while the other was fed common American foods like canned meat, processed cheese, and nutrient-free bread. A third group was also fed “ultra-processed foods,” which nutritionally means the worst of the worst.

Rates of cognitive decline were, of course, worst in the latter group, while being far less in the healthiest group. It turns out that eating the way nature intended is optimal for health.

“Despite the extensive studies showing how addictive processed foods kill hundreds of thousands of Americans a year and are now associated with dementia, our government remains suspiciously calm and unaffected by this ongoing deadly ‘pandemic,'” Revolver reported of those studies .

“A lot of the political food fights are fake and the people at the top control both sides and so they actually control both sides,” one commenter added to the conversation.

“And now this seems to have been her move. Probably to get both sides fighting, but also to manage the fights and get the upper hand.”

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