Public Schools Collapse Quickly as Teachers Say They Are Now Indoctrination Centers, Not Educational Sites –

Public Schools Collapse Quickly as Teachers Say They Are Now Indoctrination Centers, Not Educational Sites –

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  • January 25, 2023
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Public Schools Collapse Quickly as Teachers Say They Are Now Indoctrination Centers, Not Educational Sites –

(Natural News) If you still have kids in public school, if you have the means, it’s time to get them into a private school where they’ll no longer be subjected to left-wing countercultural indoctrination.

And if you don’t, maybe the answer for you is to start a small educational collective with like-minded parents and tutor them yourself, because the public education system has been completely overrun by left-wing Marxists who denounce America and everything it was built upon. hate is according to a weary teacher who is now speaking up.

“The goal of today’s education system is no longer education. It’s meant to do anything but that,” Dan Fisher, a charter school attorney and teacher, told The Epoch Times.

The outlet added:

Fisher teaches the 10th grade at a high school whose name he didn’t want published. Before that he taught as a professor. The classrooms he is in today make him see a collapsing system. Tenth graders can’t read, most students don’t want to participate, and teachers are more concerned with waking indoctrination than addressing these issues, Fisher said. But kids have plenty of energy to invest in their technology, he added.

“After school is fascinating,” he said. “You don’t play. they don’t walk They’re just on their phones.”

Like dozens of other advocates trying to reform public education and refocus it on what it was founded to do – to create a population equipped with a basic education that instills a sense of pride in itself and in its country , while preparing them for the rigors of life — Fisher noted that the changes made during the COVID pandemic showed how rotten the current system is.


“They assumed the schools were the way they were when they went through and they had no idea how much things had changed in terms of curriculum and other things,” he said, adding that high graduation rates are wrong because many schools often pass students despite the fact that they cannot meet basic educational standards.

“We get asked in 10th grade, 11th grade to help learn to read,” he said. “Isn’t that exactly what K-8 is for?”

He further noted that with the ignominious collapse of public schools (which continue to be well-funded even by taxpayers who don’t have children), it’s no wonder a growing number of parents, most of them, are looking for alternatives. This view is supported by a new poll conducted by National School Choice Week, a program of the nonprofit National School Choice Awareness Foundation.

The Epoch Times noted:

Nearly 54 percent of parents out of more than 3,800 parents surveyed have considered a new school for their children in the past year, according to the study. Researchers found that the younger the parents, the higher the number of dissatisfied parents. Among parents aged 18 to 29, about six in ten considered changing schools in the past year.

Just over half of parents aged 30 to 44 were considering changing schools. Almost half of the 45 to 60 year olds are considering a change. And about four out of ten parents over the age of 60 considered changing schools.

“K-12 education in America is undergoing a unique transformation as millions of parents reassess their children’s education and make important decisions about how and where their children learn,” the report begins. “From exploring their school choices to expressing an interest in non-traditional models of learning, parents are striving to find better or complementary learning environments for their children. Parents don’t see this as a dichotomy; a majority of them are open to change, although two-thirds of all parents (67.9 percent) are still largely satisfied with their children’s school.”

“What do we mean by rethinking? Parents who are choosing new schools, parents who are considering options more often, and parents who want to round out their children’s education by thinking outside the box and exploring new or non-traditional learning options,” the report continues adding – interestingly – that this push is being led by blacks and Hispanic parents.

Public schools no longer serve the interests of our nation. They were taken over by the left and are now just political indoctrination centers for Democrats. Get your kids out of them if you can.

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