Raw recap & reactions (Jan. 10, 2021): Bobby who?

Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! *cue music*

this week. We are coming live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I promise I will do everything in my power not to let my love for the New York Giants interfere with talking about this city fairly and fairly.

You know who doesn’t have this problem? Claire. Read her blog for fair and completely unbiased coverage of Philly, and play-by-play coverage of this week. raw.

let’s talk raw!

hurts so much

Brock Lesnar does not respect Bobby Lashley. If that wasn’t obvious last week, WWE put a microscope on it this week. Brooke was funny and perfect here, treating Lashley as a bump in the road rather than a dead end. The WWE Champion even threw a ways to get a good meter. If you could put two and two together, you know what happened when Brooke said “Bobby” and Paul Heyman replied, “Bobby who?”

Like I said last week, it’s beyond all mighty.

Before we get to this point, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, brothers who obviously don’t read the room very well, approach Lashley and the MVP thrilled at the fact that Hurt Business is back together. It’s a sad joke at this point and an indication of just how far these two men have fallen since the height of summer 2020. When Lashley shoveled olive branches, they walked away in shame.

This is wrestling so of course she came back to play later in the clip. After Brock gets away from Lashley, he checks all the way to any bank he can find in Philly to cash the check he’s got for his appearance. rawCedric and Shelton attacked Bobby. Yes, Bobby wasn’t in the best mood so you know how it went.

Here’s the thing: If Cedric and Shelton’s common purpose is to get some heat on Lashley and let him send a message to Brock, that’s wrong. The crowd stopped paying attention to the former Hurt Business members, and the second Lashley hit them both without breaking a sweat. And their flattering behavior over the past few months doesn’t help matters. This is the problem of making talent seem inept for so long. Ultimately, you may need them for an important reason.

But once you consider them unimportant, it doesn’t really matter what they do or don’t do. Lashley needed venting after Brooke made him look like a farmer and I don’t think so this is A certain method he used to release his frustration helped him look better than he did before he entered the ring. If Brock doesn’t know who Bobby is, do you really think he cares about Cedric or Shelton?

Here comes the Challenger

Not sure how I feel about this match. The work inside the ring was good. Triple Threat matches are always a bit mixed up but with three good wrestlers we at least get something that is at least qualifying if not entirely amusing. Bianca Belair, Doddrop, and Liv Morgan have some chemistry too, which definitely helped in their number one contender match.

But I can’t get past this ending. Becky Lynch, as usual these days, was on the hook. When it looked like Bianca was digging her name into a file raw Women’s Championship Match Royal rumbleBecky intervened because she obviously didn’t want to smoke with Belair. Provide this Doudrop slot needed to install Liv and go to file clatter For her first shot on the most important belt in the women’s division.

Bianca got her protection and she seems to be the real threat to Becky’s nickname. Doudrop gets the pin and a spot with Becky as the champ tries in vain to face Manhandle Slam her future opponent in vain. Did he want Becky Doddrop or Liv? I’m not really sure but everything with Bianca makes her feel less important. The story is not that Becky can’t raise the Doudrop, especially since the hero has a submission ending move, but rather that Becky prevented Bianca from winning.

At least logically that is the story. The end left me wanting, not satisfied.

Alpha Tag Team

The color shocked me. I didn’t see this coming at all. But maybe this is on me. A few weeks ago, Otis revealed that it’s a mystery that Randy Orton can’t solve. Chad Gabel? Sort of a picnic in snake park. But Otis? Nah. Last week, Riddle didn’t share his partner when they walked out of Alpha Academy. After Randy realized that his partner was easily distracted, he did everything he could to avoid trying again.

Especially with the Tag Team Championship on the line. Even going so far as to write basic instructions on Riddle’s hands in the most vivid handwriting ever in a professional sports entertainment show.

And for a while, the RK-Bro seemed to have learned their lesson as a unit. Worked on Riddle, making the hot tag for Randy, and half of RK-Bro’s RK did what he does best: He beat Chad Gable. In a move described only as “blind luck,” Otis is tagged when he and Chad collide after the former misses an attack on Orton.

After blocking the RKO, Otis nearly hit Randy through the ring in Philly’s guts. After Ding Ding, American Alpha is your new hero.

Like I said, maybe it’s up to me to not see her coming. Especially while thinking during the match that RK-Bro needs a challenge because their matches feel the same and their action becomes redundant. Not old, keep in mind, just, you know, it’s pretty predictable.

Giving them a challenge in the form of another team, along with their own internal clashes is a good look. Adding to the fact that Randy Orton is the one who fixed his shoulders is the cherry on top of the Sports Entertainment sundae. Riddle and Randy operate on the basic idea that Randy is the solution to their problems, not the cause.

It’s funny how things turn upside down. Their dynamics may change with Randy’s humility. Really potentially interesting things. potentially. A strong match with an interesting result.

Whether this is the story of the American Alpha or the RK-Bro’s remains a mystery. But I can’t wait to find out the answer.


Smoky Bear

Apparently The Dirty Dawgz, along with the Apollo Crews, wanted all the smoke tonight. The Street Profits and Damian Priest said they were ready, but they weren’t central. Once Damian let his “bad side” be seduced by Commander Aziz, that was the beginning of the end. Score one for Dawgz and Apollo.

Freakin’ W

Seth Rollins beat Big E in a tough match with not much at stake but bragging rights. And no, I’m not talking about the live event. Seth has a championship match in Royal rumble So he needs to sound like a viable threat to Roman Reigns, something very few cats on the list can muster.

But there’s a better way to do that than having the former WWE Champion take a pin clean, right?

What’s more, Big E can now say it’s been installed cleanly by Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins in consecutive weeks. Either they tell the story of redemption or E falls down the ladder so fast, his knees may flex when he hits the ground.

Worse, there were no real bets here, so E took a pin instead of someone like Kevin Owens, just for basketball reasons. La Bueno, WWE.

Nikki am super hero

The city of brotherly love? Sure, Jan. Let it be known that Philly hates love and friendship. Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripely tried to make something cute, break their partnership and hug. Willy booing. For shame, Philadelphia. what a shame. Then again, they did boo Santa Claus…

The Super Brutality breakup is official and the heel turn, or should I say the origin story of the villain, goes to Nikki. At the end of an embarrassing and horribly acting clip, Nikki turns on her partner and ex-boyfriend. And like most rascals, she did so with a smile. The action at the end saved the clip, even if you can see it coming from Newark, NJ.

go through some things

Alexa Bliss is back. Kinda. This week we saw the start of her journey back to raw. Like most people who experience trauma and loss, her path to recovery begins in the therapist’s room.

be familiar

Maryse is not happy. While the clip began with Beth Phoenix’s guest on the cutting edge, it ended with Mary walking out of the ring and letting her husband carry the proverbial bag. Edge wanted to remind everyone who Beth was, while Maryse Kinda wanted to do the same. However, Maryse never seemed to be a willing participant in this pairs match Royal rumble, so we only come to the same observation last week with no apparent reason or even a hint of a solution.

Austin powers? nah

This Austin theory thing doesn’t work for me. To make matters worse, AJ Styles engaged in his cheating this week in another attempt to impress his boss. AJ beat DQ thanks to, wait, Grayson Waller, the most hated man in NXT 2.0.

Omos is still crushing

Omos wrestled, according to my observations, Nick Sanders. I’m using the term “wrestling” very loosely because Omos isn’t ready for that. not yet. But it also shows that WWE’s logic can sometimes be crazy. Omos goes from beating the former WWE Champion last week in AJ Styles, to fighting a man who barely records his pulse.

24/7 same song

More behind-the-scenes hoaxes featuring Dana Brooke, R-Truth, Reggie, and the gang. This time with an extra helping of philly cheese steak. Oh and I think Reggie fights Omos next week? Or is it not? The clip ended oddly and felt open.

This wasn’t a great episode of raw. Maybe they decided to put their foot forward because they faced a championship match. Even when things happened on the show, like the new tag champs and the new premiere contender for Becky’s belt, I felt inferior and below average.

Grade: C-

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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