Robo Inu Finance Aims to Create a New Era of Payment

Los Angeles, California, United States, January 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Robu Inu Finance was born with a vision to build an ecosystem that is open to everyone regardless of their age or background to gain financial freedom. They are creating a financial tool for individuals to better manage their finances and for companies to take advantage of artificial intelligence to improve people’s lives in the fintech industry.

In recent years, the rapid growth of blockchain innovation and technology has become a catalyst for the development of blockchain-based Fintech. The term “fintech” encompasses a wide range of products, technologies, and business models that are transforming the financial services industry. Startups and prominent technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Alibaba are focusing on the fintech industry. As such, the Robo Inu team recognized the potential of such an innovative technology.

To enhance transparency, the role of intermediaries in the financial industry is slowly being replaced. The requirement to own, buy or exchange different currencies in large quantities is another important reason driving this remarkable growth. Robo Inu Finance aims to create a financial tool for individuals to better manage their finances (cryptocurrency and fiat expenses), also called RoboWallet. With many years of research and experience in the fintech/payment gateway industry, we want to focus and build a ground-breaking new platform that will facilitate affordable, seamless and ethical financial transactions globally with high security – anytime, anywhere. Apart from the transparency, the safety of any transactions is also guaranteed.

RoboWallet is a hybrid concept of Venmo and SAP concur platforms, which was developed to allow users to send cryptocurrency from one country to another while also helping users track and manage these transactions as a form of expense. They often mention the term “financial freedom”; However, the meaning of financial freedom is sometimes forgotten. With Robo Inu Finance, to achieve financial freedom, they have to keep track of all their daily expenses starting from food, travel, gas, etc.

Furthermore, through their RoboWallet app, they aim to educate millennials on how to start thinking about financial freedom at an early age. Millennials’ exposure to cryptocurrency has seen an exponential growth over the past years. Thus, RoboWallet inculcates the habit of saving and tracking expenses for the younger generations if they want to gain financial freedom.

In conclusion, the Robo Inu Finance team anticipates that RoboWallet will be a game changer in the banking and financial services industry. RoboWallet helps people connect, ensuring that one can take care of the financial matters of their loved ones regardless of distances, countries or continents. It is also to illustrate their team’s vision that “many in body, one in mind” will eventually allow them to reach their highest attainable height.

Interested crypto enthusiasts should visit here for more information and join Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community.


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