Royal Marines participated in ‘high risk’ missions in Ukraine –

Royal Marines participated in ‘high risk’ missions in Ukraine –

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  • December 19, 2022
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Royal Marines participated in ‘high risk’ missions in Ukraine –

(Natural News) Lt. Gen. Robert Magowan, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff for Britain, recently revealed that the Royal Marines have been based in and participated in a number of “high risk” operations in Ukraine.

Magowan, himself a former chief of the Royal Marines, said the commandos had been involved in “discrete operations” and carried out duties in an “extremely sensitive environment”.

“In January of this year, 45 Commando Group [was] deployed [on] at short notice – from the depths of a dark northern Norwegian winter to evacuate the British embassy in Kyiv to Poland,” he said in a statement published by Globe and Laurel, the Royal Marines’ official magazine.

“Then they returned to the country in April to rebuild the diplomatic mission and protect key personnel. In both phases, the commands supported other discreet operations in an extremely sensitive environment and with a high degree of political and military risk.” (Related: Russia claims it will present “evidence” that British special forces were behind the attacks in Crimea .)

A Royal Navy spokesman told the Daily Mail that Royal Marines were indeed “deployed to Ukraine to support the UK’s diplomatic presence in the country” but clarified that “they were not performing a combat function”.

Magovan is the first senior military official to confirm that British marines were sent to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War. (Related: After nearly 80 years, the US deploys the “Screaming Eagles” division to missions on the Ukrainian front.)


Members of the British military are training Ukrainian troops in weapons systems

The British Ministry of Defense (MOD) said a small brigade of British military personnel was deployed to Ukraine before the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war on February 24.

“British military personnel have been deployed to support discussions about the important training that the UK is offering to Ukraine’s armed forces,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Subsequent reports confirmed the ministry’s statements and indicated that British military personnel, along with Special Air Service personnel, had only been deployed to provide weapons systems training to Ukrainian troops.

The Royal Marines’ 45 Commando Group was involved in the Battle of Port Stanley and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Falklands War 40 years ago.

The members of the group are experts in arctic warfare. They were sent to Norway for a training exercise before being deployed to Ukraine just before the war to quickly evacuate embassy staff.

But Magovan’s admission suggests members of the Royal Marines returned to Kyiv to conduct covert operations just a month after the drills. “Alongside the broader defense, we have been heavily involved in training hundreds of Ukrainian military personnel this summer. We also plan to train Ukrainian marines,” he said.

According to reports, up to 10,000 Ukrainians will be trained by British forces in the coming months.

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Watch this video which talks about the Royal Marines’ covert operations in Ukraine.

This video is from the Andrew Zebrun III channel on

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