Russia Loads Second Monster Nuclear Missile Into Silo, Again Threatens NATO –

Russia Loads Second Monster Nuclear Missile Into Silo, Again Threatens NATO –

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  • December 19, 2022
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Russia Loads Second Monster Nuclear Missile Into Silo, Again Threatens NATO –

(Natural News) The administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is again making noise about a possible nuclear attack on a key NATO ally, and frankly, it’s something the entire alliance should take seriously.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, earlier this week Russian state television filmed a crew loading a nuclear-tipped Monster Yars ICBM into a second silo while threatening to destroy London.

“Footage released by state media shows the Yars missile, which can be armed with a nuclear warhead and can reach all of Europe and the mainland US, being loaded into the ground at the Kozelsky base, 160 miles south of Moscow.” , says the report.

“It comes just a day after more footage showed another missile arriving at the same base and when a retired Russian general said Russia should prioritize the attack on London over Washington DC,” the report added.

Any nuclear missile fired by Russia at a NATO member will undoubtedly trigger World War III and likely result in a devastating nuclear response.

“You do not have to [strike] Washington first — it’s too far away,” Lieutenant General Andrey Gurulev told state television. “London is next door…. London is the main hotbed of all meanness.”

The report further noted:

Vladimir Putin has stepped up his nuclear saber-rattling since declaring war on Ukraine in February, with the West as his primary target.

Such threats have been withdrawn in recent weeks after Beijing told it to stop, but they are slowly building up again ahead of Russia’s annual Strategic Missile Forces Day on Saturday.


Putin is furious that Russian soldiers and airmen are dying by the thousands in Ukraine, thanks in large part to an influx of Western arms, mostly from the United States. Some recent estimates put the Russian military’s death toll at more than 90,000 soldiers; Putin amassed more than 140,000 before his invasion of his western neighbor in February 2022. As we near the one-year anniversary, he doesn’t seem any closer to taking over Ukraine, and indeed his forces have actually withdrawn in recent weeks.

He called for the call-up and mobilization of 300,000 reservists; At last count, most had been deployed in and around Ukraine. But again, these troops are said to be ill-trained, ill-equipped and ill-led, with many likely to become casualties as Ukrainian forces dig in and continue to push back hard on Russian troops.

Last month, Putin ordered rocket attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure. Power plants and other vital services were attacked, leading some to accuse him of committing war crimes.

“The last time Russia demonstrated its Yars missiles was in October, when Putin was overseeing the annual Grom nuclear exercises. Submarines, nuclear-capable bombers and Russia’s nuclear missile forces all took part in these exercises – guarded by Putin in his nuclear command center,” the Daily Mail reported. “Colonel Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defense magazine, said afterwards that the exercises were a dress rehearsal for the destruction of Britain and the US.”

Following the release of the latest footage showing a Yars being loaded into a silo, Gurulev said the US and the rest of the West are keen to see Ukraine attack targets on Russian soil.

“Why are we embarrassed to say we should attack London?” he told state television. “I’m not saying we should destroy everyone. We should destroy critical facilities – control centers, military bases and airfields.”

He added: “I’m sure we should have a catalog on the General Staff and it’s being updated all the time… Is it nuclear…[or not]? If it’s non-nuclear, you need to calculate how many missile carriers, ships, planes, satellite constellation(s)… and long range [drones] is needed. And a strike in London, strange as it may sound, would be the first and last warning to the [real decision-makers – Washington],” he added.

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