Samsung no-showed on its major Exynos 2200 launch and won’t say why

Samsung / Ron Amadeo

So this is a crazy story. Samsung was supposed to have a big SoC launch today, but that launch didn’t. Samsung has not canceled or delayed the event. The January 11 date was announced, and we’d even written about it, but when the event came, nothing happened! Samsung pulled the lack of connectivity for a major product launch. It’s the end of the day now, and the company has yet to respond to what must be the hundreds of press inquiries undoubtedly flooding its email inbox, including ours! Samsung has defended the entire tech industry, and now it won’t say why. Nobody knows what’s going on.

Samsung promotional tweet.
Zoom / Samsung promotional tweet.


The Exynos 2200 (?) was shaping up to be a major launch for Samsung. It is, after all, the first Samsung SoC with the headliners’ advantage of having an AMD GPU. The two companies announced this deal a year ago, and we’ve been dizzy about it ever since. Exynos 2200 is (or was) to debut in the Galaxy S22. This launch event is currently scheduled for February 8th, assuming Samsung won’t hide everyone else again.

Samsung announced the Exynos 2200 event just 12 days ago, saying, “Stay tuned for the upcoming Exynos with the new RDNA-born GPU 2. January 11, 2022.” (RDNA 2 is an AMD GPU architecture). In addition to a tweet from the official, verified, Tweet embed In the account, the company also cut a promotional video that ends on January 11, 2022. You can I’m still watching it at The closest thing Samsung has done to communicating about the status of the Exynos 2200 is to delete its tweets promoting the show.

With no official word on what’s going on, we can just turn to the rumor mill for answers, and it’s currently on fire. You should take this next part with caution, but on January 10 – before it becomes clear there will be no Exynos event – a leaker Samsung connected Ice world “Samsung has postponed the release of the Exynos2200,” he tweeted. another leaker, Dohyun Kim He claims that the Exynos 2200 will be removed from the entire Galaxy S22 lineup. Instead of the usual Exynos split for some regions and the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip for others, every Galaxy S22 will use a Snapdragon chip. It’s unclear how Samsung can do this a month before launch, but we’ll have to find out the actual S22 shipping date.

Samsung’s Exynos division has struggled for years, and the AMD deal should have been a huge comeback for them. The powerful and exciting Radeon branded GPU for desktop PCs would have turned heads. Samsung’s marketing team was already pushing into the gaming angle, though, and that’s going to be an awkward marketing task since not every region gets an Exynos chip.

With everything going on in the world, announcing the delay wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’ve never seen a major tech company not attend their event. Rather than coming back, this is a new low for the Exynos division. We’ll update this article if Samsung does it together and makes a statement. We are all waiting.

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