Simple Diet Changes May Shrink Colon Cancer Tumors, Study Finds –

Simple Diet Changes May Shrink Colon Cancer Tumors, Study Finds –

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  • December 18, 2022
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Simple Diet Changes May Shrink Colon Cancer Tumors, Study Finds –

(Natural News) Colorectal cancer rates are increasing in the United States, particularly among young people. However, a recent study shows a silver lining.

The article, published in the journal Gastroenterology, titled “Dysregulated Amino Acid Sensing Drives Colorectal Cancer Growth and Metabolic Reprogramming Leading to Chemoresistance,” suggests that maintaining a low-protein diet may help a person with colon cancer shrink their tumors naturally and another colon to prevent cancer cell growth.

A team of 10 researchers from the University of Michigan studied mice diagnosed with colon cancer. Both mice and humans possess molecules called mTORC1 that are sensitive to nutrients and are thought to become hyperactivated when either mammal develops cancer.

“These molecules are implicated in 70 percent of human cancers, including colorectal cancer,” reports explain. “Other animal studies have shown that inhibition of mTORC1 also appears to inhibit tumor growth.”

The researchers tested the mice on a low-protein diet for two weeks, followed by four weeks of standard chemotherapy. Instead of feeding the mice their normal ratio of 21 percent protein per meal, they instead gave the creatures just four percent protein.

In the end, mice fed a low-protein diet had lower mTORC1 activation and therefore less tumor growth, compared to mice fed their normal protein and died. In particular, it was observed that restriction of uptake of leucine and cystine, two amino acids, nutritionally signaled inactivation of mTORC1 was observed. (Related: Check Out These Common Food Additives That Cause Colon Inflammation and Colon Cancer.)


The researchers didn’t stop there, however. They also ran the same test on human colon cancer just to make sure the results could be extrapolated. These, too, showed similar benefits when protein intake was restricted.

Protein deficiency starves cancer cells to death, according to a study

The reason this seems to be the case is because, as you may already know, cancer cells grow and multiply exponentially. They do this with the help of nutrients, some of which are synthesized in cancer cells themselves and others come from amino acids and other components of food.

Reducing protein intake in cancer helps limit tumor growth by depriving cancer cells of the nutrients they need to thrive. They are effectively starving as a result of reduced protein intake.

“Feeding or starving cancer cells is… complicated,” noted Jeffrey Nelson, the surgical director at the Center for Inflammatory Bowel and Bowel Disease at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

“But this research shows that the lack of certain amino acids affects the mTORC1 pathways that lead to cell death.”

These results are consistent with those of the China Study, which also suggests that a high-protein diet is not as good for human health. A work by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, a Cornell-trained biochemist, “The China Study” is based on numerous longitudinal diet studies conducted between 1983 and 1990 that suggest a “plant-based” diet is lower in protein and higher in fiber and whole foods produce the best health outcomes.

“People in China who lived in places where the normal diet consisted of lower amounts of animal protein were less likely to develop diabetes, cancer and heart disease,” according to a report from The China Study.

However, it may not be that simple. As one commenter pointed out, Eskimos, who rely almost exclusively on protein-based foods, do not suffer from colon cancer like Westerners. The reason, it seems, is that they don’t consume ultra-processed junk food, which, among other things, spurs cancer growth in the modern world in the first place.

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