Stanford Employee ARRESTED Over Fraudulent Sexual Assault Claims That Sparked Student Protests –

Stanford Employee ARRESTED Over Fraudulent Sexual Assault Claims That Sparked Student Protests –

Stanford Employee ARRESTED Over Fraudulent Sexual Assault Claims That Sparked Student Protests –

(Natural News) An employee at Stanford University in California was found to have lied about sexually assaulting her, leading to her arrest by law enforcement.

Jennifer Ann Gries, 25, was arrested by Santa Clara Police Department officers on March 15 and was subsequently charged with perjury. The charges were based on her fraudulent claims of being raped twice on the Stanford campus last year.

A statement from the university said Gries had been placed on leave and the institution would “review its employment”. According to Stanford’s website, Gries works at the university as a supervisor at a housing services center.

“These false reports are damaging to both true sexual assault survivors and members of our community who have felt fear and alarm at the reports.”

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen called the 25-year-old’s false reports “a rare and deeply destructive crime.” He sympathizes with those who have been wrongly accused, those who have had to look over their shoulders, and the “legitimate victims of sexual assault who are wondering if they are believed.”

Rosen’s office reported Gries first reported a false sexual assault in August 2022. During that time, she told a nurse at Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California that a man grabbed her while she was in a campus parking lot. The perpetrator is said to have dragged Gries to a toilet and sexually molested her.

Two months later, in October 2022, Gries went to Stanford Hospital to undergo another rape evaluation. She told the nurse who conducted the exam that she was returning to her office from lunch when a man grabbed her arm. The perpetrator then forced her into a basement compartment and, according to the prosecutor, raped her.


In both cases, Gries declined to speak to law enforcement. Her description of the perpetrator in both false cases matched that of her male colleague.

Her two sexual assault investigation sets were quickly analyzed “given the extreme risk to public safety of a potential sex offender.” The lab results, however, “did not agree with her story.” (Related: Women Should ALWAYS Be Believed? What About These 35 Times Men Have Been Falsely Accused of Rape?)

Stanford is seriously suffering the consequences of Gries’ lies

It was only during an interview in January 2023 with an investigator from Rosen’s office that Gries’ slanders were uncovered. She admitted to lying about the rapes, arguing that she was upset with the aforementioned colleague. Gries felt “that he gave her a ‘wrong intention’ and turned her friends against her,” according to prosecutors.

Previously, in March 2022, she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against this male colleague with the university’s human resources department. The school board found the allegation unfounded and dismissed the complaint. Gries has also written an apology to the man she falsely accused of rape.

Even so, their lies had serious repercussions throughout Stanford. This led to campus police issuing electronic alerts, sparking widespread fear. It also sparked outrage among the student body, which was exacerbated by a protest in October 2022. Hundreds of Stanford students marched to demand that officials do more to protect students.

According to the Stanford Daily, more than 200 students joined the Oct. 14, 2022 protest. Several students held signs that read “We deserve to feel safe on campus” and accused the university of being an “accomplice in the rape.”

Sofia Scarlat, co-director of Stanford University’s Associate Student Prevention Committee on Sexual Violence, agreed that the school serves as an accomplice in sexual assault.

“Stanford would rather protect [its] Picture [and] the reputation of rapists at the expense of the welfare and survival of victims of sexual assault,” she said. “We will no longer tolerate an environment where rape is encouraged because they don’t act.”

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