Stanford’s authoritarian ‘virality project’ urged Big Tech to censor TRUE vaccine injury stories –

Stanford’s authoritarian ‘virality project’ urged Big Tech to censor TRUE vaccine injury stories –

Stanford’s authoritarian ‘virality project’ urged Big Tech to censor TRUE vaccine injury stories –

(Natural News) Author and former editor of Rolling Stone is Matt Taibbi have a high in breaking down the content of the Twitter files showing Stanford University urging big tech to censor “stories about real vaccine side effects” and “true posts that could fuel hesitation.”

In post #32 of a long string of Twitter Files disclosures, Taibbi tweeted that Stanford employees — none of whom are health or medical professionals, to be clear — have reached out to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, urging them to to silence the voices of the accounts to tell the truth about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines”.

As part of its so-called “virality project,” Stanford informed the tech industry that its platforms contained “default vaccination misinformation” that needed to be removed immediately.

“The default setting: Posts on your platform that clearly spread false information about vaccinations that we believe violate your policies,” reads a bullet point in a virality project’s outline of actions to be taken.

“Known repeat offenders (including) [f]false or misleading contributions from the accounts of well-known repeat offenders such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. or Sherri Tenpenny. This is a large amount of content that is almost always reportable. Ex. RFK announces that 4,000 vaccine adverse reactions were reported to the CDC in one week.”

(Related: The Twitter files also reveal that the globalist plan is to turn every human alive in 2025 into an insect-eating transgender.)


If all Americans rejected Big Pharma outright, the powerful would be gone

Alleged “misinformation” isn’t the Stanford Virality Project’s only concern. It turns out that “true content” is also taboo from the social media sphere because it “might encourage vaccine hesitancy,” which the globalists cannot allow on a large scale.

If tens of millions of Americans woke up to the vaccine scam, Big Pharma’s profit streams would shut down, Wall Street’s “stock market” casino would crash, and the money cow of Mystery Babylon would come to an end – not even the globalists can let this happen .

One way to silence the truth before being thrown out is to get tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter to censor “viral posts by people expressing vaccine hesitation or stories about real vaccine side effects.” .

“This content is not clearly false or disinformation, but it may be misinformation (exaggerated or misleading),” the Virality Project’s internal documents said. “Also often included in that bucket are true posts that could fuel hesitation, such as individual countries banning certain vaccines.”

Two examples were also included, one being news articles and features about a central New York school district being forced to close after many school staff fell ill with Covid “vaccine” side effects.” The other is “talking about recent deaths of celebrities after vaccination”.

“Often this content is undetectable (cause of death unclear), but spreads quickly and drives conversations about hesitation…” documents the Virality Project to read further.

Taibbi commented on these and other revelations of the Twitter files, writing in a separate tweet that all of this is “the essence of the censorship-industrial complex: a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in the service of broader narrative ends.” .

“It’s the opposite of what a free press does,” he added.

Ironically, the Censorship-Industrial Complex is exactly what it claims to be fighting: a prominent source of disinformation. And it has the benefit of being funded by American taxpayers, who Taibbi says are inadvertently “funding their own alienation from reality.”

“Without real oversight mechanisms, there is nothing to stop these overpowering information leaders from bending the truth for their own purposes,” Taibbi continued.

The late President Dwight Eisenhower warned of all this in his farewell address to America, declaring that “the potential for the catastrophic rise of misguided power exists” – watch the full farewell address below:

The only way to stop the madness is to stop funding it. One person responding to Taibbi’s Twitter Files chain wrote that the only way to have “real oversight” over the censorship industrial complex is “to cut government tax funding and give full monetary control and power to give back to the people, who then get to decide how much of their money they want to contribute to a common effort, what they want to spend it on.”

Another simply wrote that now is the time to stop this shit once and for all by any means possible so that present and future generations of Americans don’t have to live under the kind of tyranny our ancestors fought from.

“So now ‘misinformation’ is also lumped together with disagreeing and publishing a news article that’s true just because it might make someone hesitant to try some new medical thing,” clarified another of Stanford’s apparent position to the First Amendment.

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