State Legislators Covertly Introduce Legislative Changes That Would Pave the Way for CBDC Domination –

State Legislators Covertly Introduce Legislative Changes That Would Pave the Way for CBDC Domination –

State Legislators Covertly Introduce Legislative Changes That Would Pave the Way for CBDC Domination –

(Natural News) Lawmakers in 23 states and the District of Columbia are currently deliberating on bills that would introduce central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) into their jurisdictions.

This is due to the appearance of bills introducing the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). These bills would standardize state laws and regulations for conducting business. In theory, the UCC would make it increasingly easier for companies to do business across state lines as it would be easier for states to harmonize laws regulating companies. (Related: The coming economic meltdown will be used to close banks and launch central bank digital currencies.)

The UCC was instituted by a group called the Uniform Law Commission, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to drafting laws that, if passed by states, would harmonize regulations across state lines.

Last year, the ULC recommended states to revise their UCC, ostensibly to introduce a new article dedicated to digital assets such as digital currencies.

At first glance, the changes aim to resolve the differences between digital currencies and the traditional US dollar, including regulating how digital currencies can be controlled and transferred. But it also makes it harder to complete digital currency transactions when those assets are from uncertain creditors, making it virtually impossible to use digital assets other than those backed by the Federal Reserve for transactions.

As attorney Thomas Renz pointed out in an episode of his show Another Renz Rant, these changes are “really nothing more than a pretext for a central bank digital currency.”


13 GOP-led states are considering UCC adoption of CBDCs

Of the 23 states that have introduced bills that would implement the UCC in their jurisdictions, 13 are led by Republicans who either have a government trifecta in those states or have solid control of state legislatures.

The 13 Republican states are Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

“They’re trying to sneak it out [UCC] through these republican states,” Renz said. “It’s critical for them that they get Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee — those are deep red states where there’s no chance if people know about it [of it passing].”

“What they do is they get the House leadership or the Senate leadership in a certain state to say, ‘Hey, we need to update the UCC. Can you sponsor this bill?’ and some happy Republicans are like, ‘Sure, I’m going to sponsor it,’ and they put it there and they have no idea what it is,” Renz said. “And it just sails through, because why would you resist some housekeeping updates that make the UCC more efficient?”

Ten other states where Democrats control the legislature have passed legislation to legalize the UCC. They are California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Washington. The District of Columbia is also changing its UCC.

One state in particular, South Dakota, has thwarted efforts to amend the UCC. Gov. Kristi Noem recently vetoed the UCC amendment, rightly claiming that its passage would be a precursor “for the federal government to control our currency and therefore the people.”

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Watch this episode of Another Renz Rant as Attorney Thomas Renz discusses at length the states trying to change their UCCs, paving the way for the upcoming CBDC.

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