Strengthened by partnerships with Meralco, E-Sakay and Spectrum, Robinsons Land Corporation is accelerating its sustainability transformation

Strengthened by partnerships with Meralco, E-Sakay and Spectrum, Robinsons Land Corporation is accelerating its sustainability transformation

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  • November 23, 2022
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Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), the real estate arm of JG Summit and one of the nation’s leading property and real estate developers, is eyeing the transition to the use of clean and renewable energy. The company wants to achieve this goal with long-term projects and innovations that protect the environment.

Recently, this push was brought to life and enabled through RLC’s partnership with Meralco and its strategic subsidiaries such as E-Sakay and Spectrum – companies focused on amplifying sustainability efforts.

With the help of Meralco, RLC has successfully implemented sustainability initiatives and projects aimed at the adoption of solar energy and the use and promotion of electric vehicles.

Last October 26th, Robinsons Galleria-Ortigas officially opened two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to the public. The charging stations are conveniently located in the mall parking lot and have pods that can accommodate two-wheel and three-wheel electric vehicles such as eBikes, eScooters and eTrikes, as well as four-wheel RVs such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles.

The charging stations were installed by eSakay, Meralco’s provider of end-to-end electric vehicle solutions.

“Our strategic collaboration with Robinsons Land Corporation to build electric vehicle charging stations at Robinsons Malls underscores eSakay’s continued commitment to driving the country’s important transition to electrified transportation. All of this is designed to enable our customers to improve their operations while driving their sustainability agenda,” said Raymond B. Ravelo, Chief Sustainability Officer and President and CEO of eSakay.

This pursuit of sustainability goes beyond the use of electric vehicles. Through Meralco, the real estate company partnered with Spectrum, Meralco’s solar subsidiary that provides smart solar solutions, to power its malls with a renewable energy source.

RLC is currently the nation’s largest operator of solar-powered shopping malls, with solar rooftop arrays at 24 Robinsons malls generating a combined capacity of over 30 megawatts of clean energy, helping reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity from fossil fuels.

Through multi-party partnership, Spectrum has installed and maintained the solar panel operations of Robinsons Novaliches, Robinsons Angeles, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Galleria Cebu and Robinsons Palawan, enabling the malls to maximize their solar investments and increase their solar kWh production by up to 18 .5%.

Spectrum also installed a 528 kWp solar array on the Robinsons Palawan expansion site, which has generated approximately 2,800,000 kWh of clean energy to date since commercial operations began in 2017. This project alone reduced the carbon footprint of the Robinsons Palawan expansion by approximately 2,000 tons through 91,600 mature trees planted.

Meralco’s support of RLC’s sustainability investments and programs has enabled the real estate company to save up to 2.3 million pesos in energy costs since November 2021.

“Advancing pioneering sustainability programs is a key priority for RLC. This need is consistent with the increasing demand for environmental protection and efficient use of resources to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change,” said RLC Executive Vice President Faraday D. Go.

The partnership with Meralco continues as RLC plans to open eBike charging stations at Robinsons Magnolia and an AC charging station for 4-wheel EVs and plug-in EVs at Robinsons Tagaytay, the first installation outside of the National Capital Region.

RLC’s sustainability efforts align with Meralco’s mission to ensure a continuous flow of electricity to its customers by switching to low-carbon energy sources to meet the country’s energy needs with greener, cleaner electricity.

With the help of its sustainability subsidiaries, Meralco plans to secure 1,500 MW of renewable energy by 2025 and build up to 1,500 MW of renewable energy generation capacity across multiple technologies by 2027. Through E-Sakay, Meralco’s business centers in Metro Manila have also been using electric vehicles since 2021. Since then, Spectrum has powered thousands of residential, educational and government facilities with its solar panels, significantly reducing the country’s annual carbon emissions.

The shift to clean and renewable energy is a key part of Meralco’s drive towards decarbonization, the process of reducing carbon emissions through the use of low-carbon energy sources.

“At Meralco, we are committed to making our solutions more accessible and affordable for our customers and partners while maintaining the highest safety standards and quality control measures. We hope our customers will continue on their journey to protecting the environment, and we will continue to support them as we all move towards a cleaner and greener future,” said Engr. Ferdinand O. Geluz, Meralco’s first vice president and chief commercial officer, said.

To learn more about Meralco’s sustainability program and the range of high-performing solutions it offers its partners, please visit

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