Ted Cruz falsely accuses Merrick Garland of acting out of spite against Republicans

Ted Cruz falsely accuses Merrick Garland of acting out of spite against Republicans

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  • November 23, 2022
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Who Allowed Ted Cruz to Have a Podcast? It might be worth getting rid of every single podcast in existence just to get rid of Ted Cruz’s sickeningly smug version of “listen to me talk more,” aka “The Verdict.” Despite the fact that everyone knew indictments were a very good possibility (based on the fact that Trump kept top secret SCI documents in his desk in Mar-a-Lago while trying to overthrow the government), Cruz says, that this special counsel stuff is nothing but petty retaliation because mean Republicans wouldn’t let Garland aboard the SCOTUS.

And Cruz goes so far over the top that it’s comedy, especially considering what we just went through:

“Merrick Garland is the most corrupt Attorney General we have ever seen in terms of his willingness to corrupt the Justice Department and the FBI and use them as political weapons. And the fact that his response — Donald Trump announced as President, okay, “I’m going to appoint a special attorney, we’re going to charge you.” That’s politics. It’s not justice.

Why not wait to see if A) Trump is indicted, B) the allegations in the indictment, and C) the evidence presented?

Cruz’s pal Ben Ferguson then proved he could read minds:

“I’m going back to Garland, and you and I mentioned that the other day, but I think it’s worth revisiting – Garland’s the guy who was very upset because he really thinks he’s on top now Court should be.”

Cruz actually pushed back when Ferguson went ahead and called Garland a psychopath, but Cruz only disagreed because he wanted to shoot a little higher:

I’ll push you back a little. I wouldn’t use a word like psychopath. I think it’s a combination of things. I don’t know Merrick Garland – I’ve met him a couple of times but I don’t know him very well personally. I think he’s a weak man. I don’t think he’s ready to stand up to the partisan hacks in the White House.”

Those who refuse to comment on any part of the case, and those who Garland has said don’t play a part in the matter (neither does Garland at this point).

“I think the White House is the corruption that — the fish of the head is rotting. It is the Biden White House that is fundamentally corrupt. But I think Merrick Garland is different from an Eric Holder or a Loretta Lynch who were deep partisans.”

Garland is white.

“I actually think Garland justifies what he’s doing. I think he thinks he’s not biased. I think he drank so much Kool-Aid that he’s someone who’s very self-righteous.”

By shifting the case to someone else to make a neutral judgment? By choosing not to even make the decision? Do any of these people understand what they are saying, or are they just throwing out words that sound good together?

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