The best spice rack for small spaces

The best spice rack for small spaces

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  • March 18, 2023
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Before I got serious about kitchen organization and investing in the best spice rack I could find, I had the same ritual every time I cooked or baked. Jar by jar, I pulled out each spice jar, looking for that cumin or cinnamon or oregano or that one great masala. Prize in hand, I would then shove everything back into the kitchen cupboard in no particular order. Inevitably a spice jar got lost somewhere in the back and the next time I needed it I assumed we were on our way and bought more.

I observed all spice storage rules and kept them in their airtight spice bottles, safely stored behind the cupboard door away from light and heat. Wasn’t that enough? No, Jarrett, that’s why you have three jars of dried dill. (True story.)

It was time for a change. I wanted a closet organizer that would utilize the height and depth of the shelves in our closets and pantries. Placing 2 and 4 inch tall jars on a shelf that is 12 inches apart is a waste of valuable vertical cabinet space, especially if you are working with a small kitchen.

After some diligent research online, I found the YouCopia SpiceStack. This three tier spice rack is a freestanding mini cabinet for your kitchen counter or pantry. Compact and unobtrusive, this condiment organizer fits easily in a small closet, on pantry shelves, or on a countertop. It holds at least 24 standard 4-inch high spice jars, either square or round, or up to 48 2-inch jars. If you’re blessed with plenty of vertical space and a sturdy number of spices, upgrade your kitchen storage and buy two: they’re designed to be stackable. This minimalist spice cabinet is available in white or granite, and the drawer dividers can be adjusted or even removed to accommodate jars of almost any height.

YouCopia adjustable spice rack

Some home cooks swear by kitchen drawer organizers, the Lazy Susan storage solution, over the pantry door, or kitchen wall mounted spice racks. All have their advantages, but one design aspect of the YouCopia SpiceStack makes it my top pick for pantry organization: If your available storage space is above eye level, the spice drawers slide out fully and fold down at an angle, allowing for easy access and visibility offers . Because it comes with labels, you’ll never have to guess which layer the turmeric is in. And don’t worry, this countertop spice rack has non-slip feet, so you don’t have to worry about pulling it off the shelf when you pull it out of the drawer.

I haven’t had duplicates or triplicates of spices, spices or herbs since I bought this versatile spice rack – but that doesn’t seem to have stopped our spice collection from growing. Looks like a second SpiceStack is in my future.

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