The New “Sex And The City” Is A Giant Bummer


Sarah Jessica Parker in And like that…

in the future Limited series of revenge Sex and the City HBO Max And like that…, No one is having a particularly good time — least of all than Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw.

Poor Carrie. At the end of the first episode, she suffers two tragic losses – one mysterious and one sadly final – and no longer knows what to do with herself. Although she is apparently working on another book, it doesn’t seem as though writing is still a central focus in her life, which is unfortunate; Her signature vocal commentary has been reduced to a single “And Like This…” at the end of each episode, with a short fill-in. (I won’t spoil it, but the first is so shocking and stupid that I laughed out loud.)

Rather than indulging in her column, Carey, 55, is trying to up her social media game and get more outspoken on the sex and sex podcast, which is her only recurring gig. She “represents the gendered woman” on the show, which was directed by non-duo comedian Che Diaz (Sarah Ramirez), which, unfortunately, isn’t very funny.

There isn’t much laughter overall during these first four episodes (two episodes are now airing on HBO Max, and the next two have been made available to critics). At around 45 minutes, they seem to fall more strongly on the dramatic side of the comedy-drama spectrum, while the original series kept the installments short and sweet, and overall exuded more cheery, more cheerful.

At the beginning of the epidemic, I was dealing with everyone Sex and the CityPerhaps for the fourth or fifth time in my life, I immediately felt at home among a group of women who were always trying to make each other laugh, even and especially when times were tough. Of course I didn’t feel very at home; Escape to a more elegant and exciting world of being was also one of the series’ greatest draws. But as with the other reboots from the past couple of years – gossip Girl And The word L It comes to mind – updating the original’s much-loved and super-cool world meant for some reason making it bleaker, more awkward, and generally less joyful to live in.

Like those other shows, and like that… He has a more diverse cast than his source: four new characters all of color. But so far, they seem to be mostly in the service of Native white women. Che, for example, encourages Carrie to let her weird flag fly, provides an educational experience in gender diversity for Charlotte, and stirs up some of Miranda’s long-dormant sexual feelings. (That’s the last part I can join, not just because many of us wanted our favorite boisterous short-haired lawyer to explore her weird side of all time now: Remembering “sex” in the original Sex and the City? I’d like to see some of that, please!!!)

In my least favorite line, Miranda takes master’s degree classes with Dr. Nia Wallace (Karen Bateman), and the two become friends despite the fact that Miranda continues to throw a bunch of bizarre racial micro-aggressions all over Nia whenever they interact. I’m not a fan of Charlotte’s budding friendship with Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker), the documentary filmmaker who forces Charlotte to realize she has no other black friends. Both Miranda and Charlotte’s characters feel ignorant despite Karen’s well-meaning in their travels toward some sense of racial awareness, but their blunders don’t make TV fun.

Updating the much-loved and so wonderfully original world for some reason has made it bleaker, more awkward, and generally less joyful.

One of the best things about the original show was how expansive world poetry. You wanted to live in Cary New York: a place where there’s always a new bar or restaurant to try, where moving to a different area means sinister adventures with good-looking strangers. In the reboot, we’re post-pandemic — I envy these characters, for whom COVID is an ancient history to mock rather than a day-to-day nightmare that still lingers for us in the real world — which means the city is coming back to life happily again, better than any time ago. The show makes its way all over Manhattan, but only because Carrie is too depressed to eat or sleep, so she walks everywhere dreary. In the process, New York has been reduced to a mere background: not only is there hardly any gender in this new Sex and the City (Except for the teen type that Miranda’s son, Brady – gross), there’s hardly any town either. Her most prominent role now is as a vintage charm on Carrie’s necklace, a New York state blueprint that replaces the gold plate of her youth.

Well, the good: Carrie still looks great, if a little crazy, which she feels right. Longtime stylist Patricia Field isn’t back for the reboot – she’s too busy at work Emily in ParisAnd Who wish they were as good as the original SATC But her legacy lives on in Carrie’s signature extreme. My favorite outfit so far has a color-blocked Carrie in a suit of different shades of blue, topped with a string of pearls and a necklace studded with a large blue heart-shaped gem, similar to La Rose in Titanic. Surprisingly, on a tacky verge, it’s totally over the top, especially for a casual weekday podcast — it’s Carrie. this is funy! It is too bad that most of his lightness and whims are limited to clothes.

You had to imagine that the ladies would have more fun – and more sex – if Samantha was still around. Sadly, it seems highly doubtful that the show’s most cheerful character will ever return, as Kim Catrall retired from the role when she turned 60, and it’s possible that her long-running feud with SJP and other cast members motivated the decision. I wish the show had decided that the ladies simply got carried away, rather than turning Samantha’s absence into another issue that Carrie is sad about.

There is still plenty of time for the series to change itself: for new characters to get plot lines assigned to them, rather than lead the other characters; for Carrie to find out what’s coming next; For Miranda To Have Some Hot Gay Sex. Obviously, I’ll watch whatever happens. But I hope morale will improve, for these characters and for us. ●

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