The Winter 2022 edition of INFLUENCE Magazine featuring the Rising Stars of Florida Politics

Remember when politics was, dare I say, fun? I do.

Like many of us during the past 22 months of this seemingly never-ending pandemic, I’ve bragged about an eBay purchase I probably didn’t need: a near-complete collection from George’s Magazine.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any of these issues, and what a wonderful treat recreating the post’s glory.

You may remember it. Founded in 1995 by John F Kennedy Jr. , the late president’s son, offers a glossy look at politics from a lifestyle perspective, boasting covers and creative themes that blend politics with popular culture and everyday issues. It is the phrase “just not politics as usual” that perfectly summed up all her creative intrigue. You’ll remember the iconic cover featuring the supermodel Cindy Crawford wore like George Washington, or countless others, from Barbra Streisand as Betsy Ross to Demi Moore He wears a colonial outfit as a puppet controlling a soldier.

George was a great way to take a dense topic and make it interesting. American politics are just these days.

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Some days we feel like we’re living on a knife’s edge. Because we. There are culture wars surrounding critical race theory. There are political divisions over seemingly apolitical things like pandemic protection. There are battles raging over police forces and old disputes over immigration, jobs, taxes, health care and so on.

Things were polarized even before the pandemic. But they got worse. A shocking 53% of younger Americans and 46% of all Americans believe the nation is headed toward civil war, according to a 2021 survey by the pollster. John Zogby.

It might sound like I’m bringing a quartet of violinists together on the deck of the Titanic, but I’m not. I put it all together to say, damn it, it’s time to put some fun back into politics.

It wasn’t long ago when Florida politics was more fun. Ah, the good days of the legislative session, full of funny and annual press clips. The staff flowed wine and there was plenty of food. An accidental scandal had us all on edge.

Recently with a friend on The Process I remembered about the hilarious and funny Christmas cards from PR companies, videos, and fruitcakes handed out during the holidays to offer luxury.

Now, the Capitol is sitting mostly empty, and not just because of the pandemic. Even when it’s not empty, it’s not very fun.

Relive the cup-raising days at Red Dog, Blue Dog, where “celebrity” bartenders from both sides of the aisle poured drinks for charity and everyone put their party brawls on the shelf for some laughs.

My goal for INFLUENCE in 2022 is to get back to all of that. Reading the last few releases – this is number 20 for those who keep stakes – it all surprised me a bit.

So, this year smile and read about our rising stars, who are sure to bring happiness to us and our veterans. We have fresh graduates and newcomers to The Process galore. And their stories are delightful.

Whatever you do, enjoy it. Because hard work matters, it doesn’t have to be gloomy or gloomy.

Welcome to the new effect.

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