‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Joins Netflix’s Most-Viewed TV of All Time

Netflix fans have been busy throwing their coins at “The Witcher,” and it shows. The second season of the fantasy saga, which mixes genres of horror, action, romance, drama, and sometimes even comedy, has joined the list of the most-watched TV shows of all-time on live broadcasts, racking up 462.5 million hours of watch time.

Season two, starring Henry Cavill as the titular monster hunter, Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra and Joey Patty, is now in the Netflix Top 10 alongside its inaugural season, which racked up 541.010 million watch hours during its first 28 days on stream.

Both seasons of “The Witcher” focus on the intertwined fates of three powerful individuals in the vast world of the continent, where magic survives and thrives, and good and evil are not easily identified among the many humans, elves, and gnomes. Season 2 follows Geralt of Rivia (Cavill), who is distraught over Yennefer’s (Chalotra) supposed death at the Battle of Sodden and takes on the role of surrogate father to Princess Cirilla (Allan). He takes Ciri to his childhood home in Kaer Morhen, where Ciri meets other Witchers and begins training with them. While the elves and humans are preoccupied with the struggle for supremacy outside its walls, Geralt tries to protect Ciri from the dangers she poses to herself.

At the top of the most popular English-language Netflix TV shows of all time, the totem column “Stranger Things” includes seasons 2, 3, “You” seasons 2, 3, “13 Reasons Why” seasons 1 and 2, and the limited series “Maid.” Steamy period drama “Bridgerton” fainted with enough subscribers to land at number one with 625,490 million hours watched in the series’ first 28 days on Netflix.

Two seasons of “The Witcher” also finished in the top 10 English-language Netflix TV shows for the week of January 3-9, with season two taking third place – after “Cobra Kai” season four (107.810 million hours) and the British limited series “Stay Close” (91.180 million hours), based on the novel by Harlan Cobain. All previous seasons of “Cobra Kai,” starring Ralph Macchio and William Zapka, also made it into the top 10 of English TV seasons last week, along with season two of “Emily in Paris” and the recently renewed “Manifest” and the sixth season. Queer Eye”.

The most popular non-English language TV programs on live broadcasts last week include the #1 Colombian love story “Café con Aroma de Mujer,” which made its way into romantics’ hearts with 82.98 million hours watched. The K-drama phenomenon “Squid Game” has been on the top ten list for 17 straight weeks now and is joined by newcomers “Rebelde” and “Kitz”, as well as K-dramas “Single’s Inferno” and “The Silent Sea”. Season 2 of “The Queen of Flow” and Season 5 of “Money Heist” made the list for the eighth and twelfth consecutive weeks.

In terms of English language film, “Red Notice” took sixth place on the top ten with 11.09 million hours watched, topped by “Don’t Look Up”, “Mother/Android”, “The Lost Daughter” and “Back to the Outback” and ‘The Unforgivable’. Notably, ‘Don’t Look Up’ has already taken the silver medal in the list of the best English-language Netflix movies of all time with 321.52 million hours of watched. Newbies in Top 10 Non-English Flicks on Netflix For the week of January 3-9 it includes “The Wasteland,” “Four to Dinner,” “How I Fell in Love with a Gangster,” “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui,” and “Sin Number.”

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