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ELKO – Chip Stone said Tuesday he would “definitely run again” for his seat on Elko City Council scheduled for elections on November 8, and newcomer Giovanni Bucinelli said he would run for the seat he now holds as nominee.

Their seats and the mayor position are up for election in 2022, and Mayor Reese Keener announced in December that he would seek re-election. All three and any opponents will be presented in March.

Stone will seek his second term on the board, and Bucinelli will seek his first full term. Both announced their decisions in Elko City Council Reports on Tuesday, with Stone saying he thought a lot about his decision. Bucinelli said he learned after his appointment that he would run.

“There are quite a few projects that I want to tackle, and I want to continue to tackle upcoming projects,” Stone said on a phone call earlier in the day. “I feel there are still things to be done.”

Stone, who has been a resident of Elko for about 27 years, owns Stonecraft Jewelers and Stone Rock Sound and Lighting, which includes the services of jockey and live band High Jacked. With the band, Stone turns into the drummer of the lead singer.

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The council and mayor appointed Puccinelli in August to fill a vacancy created with the death of Councilman Bill Hans on July 14, 2021. He can still serve three full terms before his termination.

He said he grew up in Elko and decided to look for a date because he wanted to do something, instead of just listening to people’s complaints. The sports referee has long said that the position helped him develop thick skin for his service on the board.

“Council members are like rulers. They do their best, but you can’t please people all the time,” said Bucinelli.

He said he would like to see Elko “take ownership of the railroad” that the council had recently taken steps to acquire in the city’s eastern and western fringes to open up new areas for potential development. He said the proposed infrastructure projects are important for developers to continue building in the city.

The city wants to purchase the land from Union Pacific Railroad and is in the process of arranging appraisals for it.

Bucinelli said he was a member of the Elko Planning Committee for a year and a half before joining the council, and was a member of the Elko County Fair Board for eight years.

He’s worked with Western Nevada Supply for 26 years, and still rules high school baseball and basketball 25 years later.

Mayor candidates and council seats can announce their candidacy in the office of Elko City Clerk Kelly Wooldridge March 7-18, according to a resolution adopted by the council on January 11 that sets November 8 as the date for the city’s elections.

City elections will be held at the same time as state and county elections, including for a new councilman to replace John Ellison, and R-Elko, who has been named, and for two county commission seats, now held by Delmo Andreozzi and Cliff Ecklund. Eklund was named because of the 12-year limit.

Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaesa will be on the ballot, as will Elko County District Attorney Tyler Ingram, and Elko County School Board, who will have six positions in the election.


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