Transgenderism Roots In Massive Scientific FRAUD, Says Psychiatrist –

Transgenderism Roots In Massive Scientific FRAUD, Says Psychiatrist –

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  • November 24, 2022
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Transgenderism Roots In Massive Scientific FRAUD, Says Psychiatrist –

(Natural News) Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has worked in mental health for 40 years, has come forward to admit that the entire gender industry (ie, transgender child mutilation) is a pseudoscientific farce.

All of this, she told EpochTV in a recent Sept. 23 show, was engineered by a man named John Money — ironic name, isn’t it? – who theorized that a person’s natural biology – ie chromosomes and body characteristics – is entirely separate from the “same person’s sense of being male or female”.

In other words, transgenderism and the “science” behind it stem from the vain imagination of a guy named Money, whose ideas came straight out of his own head and have no basis in actual science.

“In fact, the opposite has been proven,” Grossman said further of the alleged scientific legitimacy of the sex industry, which is a huge moneymaker. “This whole concept of having an identity as male or female that is completely separate from your biology was actually proven wrong by John Money’s experiment. (Related: Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville recently launched a “Trans Buddies” program to spy on doctors and force them to comply with demands for child mutilation.)

The very first transgender operation used as “proof” that the gender industry is legitimate involved sexual abuse and a later reverse transition

Despite this, Money played a pivotal role in establishing the very first clinic to perform gender reassignment surgery on children and adults, at none other than the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic in Maryland.


This all happened in the 1960s, believe it or not, when “free love” swept the country during the hippie movement. Over time, Americans have been marinated in gender-swap propaganda, which has now reached a climax, saturating all of society with its perversions.

At the time, Money was advertising its services at seminars, some of which were televised. A Canadian couple with a child who underwent a botched circumcision were fooled into believing a “sex reassignment” would heal the disfigured boy.

Money’s message was that all it takes to become the opposite sex is surgical remapping, with his theory based on the idea that people are born “blank slates” regardless of their genitals and chromosomes.

“He told the parents they had to change Bruce to a girl’s name immediately, put him in girl’s clothes, tell everyone he was a girl and never tell him the truth about his birth and what happened to him.” , Grossman explained .

Grossman then encouraged those parents to castrate their son and have doctors construct “elementary female genitalia” for the boy instead. They apparently agreed, and about 10 years later the boy, who was a twin, stopped speaking to his parents — as did the twin.

It turns out that Money sexually abused both children during their appointments at his clinic. Bruce said he was never happy being a girl and his masculine tendencies caused him to live “disturbed” his entire life – something that could never be undone because of what his parents had done to him .

Before that, however, Bruce knew nothing wiser. He was living as “Brenda” at the time, and when he found out the truth about what had happened to him, he became the boy he always was and took the name David.

“We have to acknowledge the incredible arrogance of a professional high-ranking academic — widely respected, accomplished — the arrogance that he had to take advantage of this family to hold up as evidence for his theory,” says Grossman.

“His ideas about gender became institutionalized, were immediately adopted across a whole field of medicine — mental health, psychiatry — and outside of medicine as well.”

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