Trump news live: Ex-president hangs up on NPR host and appears to attack ‘gutless’ Ron DeSantis

Fox News host: Trump must ‘learn to lose’

A new interview aired on NPR heard Donald Trump annoyingly ends his discussion with the anchor about questions about the Capitol Rebellion and his focus on election fraud that doesn’t exist in 2020.

Speaking to interviewer Steve Inscape, Trump disavowed Republicans who have admitted his fraud allegations are false, calling Mitch McConnell a “loser” for his approval and denouncing everyone in his party who agree as “Renault.” According to Mr Inscape, the interview was supposed to last 15 minutes but in the end it only lasted nine minutes because Mr Trump left the call.

The former president is facing more pressure from the select committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021, as the committee issued subpoenas to a former White House speechwriter and aides of Donald Trump Jr. So far, many White House and Trump associates have rejected it. Compliance with the Commission’s demands, but many others are believed to have privately provided evidence and handed over relevant documents.

Meanwhile, the president’s middle son, Eric Trump, has criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is leading a long-running investigation into whether he or his company violated New York tax laws. After a lawsuit alleging that Ms. James’ efforts “are in no way connected with legitimate law enforcement objectives, but merely a disguised effort to publicly harm Trump and his associates,” the president’s son claimed her investigation was unconstitutional.

The younger Trump made the incorrect statements during an appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show where he claimed that James’ investigation into whether his family’s company was violating New York tax laws aimed to prevent his father from running for president in 2024 amounted to “handing over” that election. Effectively to President Joe Biden.

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Biden meets with Democrats to discuss voting rights legislation

Reports are coming thick and fast that Joe Biden will have lunch with Democratic senators tomorrow as they try to carve a path forward on voting rights legislation — namely whether and how to change the chamber’s rules without a Republican vote.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 16:39


West Virginia governor feels ‘not very well’ with Covid-19

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, a Democrat-turned-Republican who has spoken frequently in favor of vaccination, will ignore the state’s state speech after showing symptoms of Covid-19.

In a statement, the governor – who has been vaccinated and boosted – said he was “surprised” that he tested positive but is grateful for the shots he has received, and that he is receiving treatment with monoclonal antibodies.

“For this to happen just one night before the state’s mandate – knowing I won’t be there – saddens me… but, because of this pandemic, we must all adapt and realize that our lives are not the same as they were a few short years ago.”

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 16:20


Catch Up: Trump’s Implicit Attack on Ron Dientis

Donald Trump’s latest defense of Covid-19 vaccines – which he recently called one of humanity’s greatest achievements – saw him attack Republicans who did not say they had their booster doses.

He said, “I watched an interview with two politicians, and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get the booster? Because they got vaccinated, and they answer like — in other words, the answer is yes, but they don’t want to say it, because they know nothing. You have to say it, whether you hear it or not, say it.”

Many interpreted the former president’s words as an attack on Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor widely seen as a potential successor to Trump if he does not or cannot run in 2024. Mr. DeSantis has repeatedly dodged questions about his vaccination status.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 16:01


Independent Voices: Trump has remained his former self

independentHolly Baxter writes that Donald Trump’s sinister performance on NPR this morning demonstrates not only the ex-president’s delusional beliefs, but his desperation as well.

“Trump entered his presidency in 2016 with a sense of combative pleasure,” she says. “Now, it seems, he has lost his sense of joy in combat. His voice is tired, frustrated, unsure. He’s pushing a plot that sane Republicans find abhorrent. He can’t give an interview to the mainstream media until 10 minutes. How will he survive another campaign?”

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 15:38


Emperor’s new clothes

After years of arguing over whether journalists should bother confronting Donald Trump with the facts when he makes brazenly false allegations, Washington PostPhilip Bombe wrote that today’s interview with NPR is of significance – whether or not Trump’s thinking will change.

No one’s opinion has changed due to Inscape’s interaction with Trump. But an honest actor should call him his lies. It is important to challenge the dishonest assertion that continues to generate serious outrage in the country. And I would argue that it reveals that Trump’s attempts to dodge Inscape were so weak that he simply had to give up the fight.

I refuse to believe that it is unimportant to tell the emperor that he does not wear clothes, even if it does not prompt him to wear pants.

Read the full article here.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 15:13


Romney says Biden is “going down the same tragic path” as Trump in the election

Speaking in the Senate after Joe Biden’s speech in Georgia, Mitt Romney – the most prominent Republican critic of Trump in the Senate – criticized the president’s call for changing the chamber’s rules to pass the Voting Rights Act. He not only compared Biden to Trump, but also warned of what might happen if the 45th president could return to power with a Republican Congress at his disposal.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 14:50


Opinion: Why Joe Biden’s speech on voting rights in Georgia was so short

As observers digest the voting rights speech that Joe Biden gave in Georgia yesterday, Michael Arsenault wrote independent That the president left some “blatant omissions” in his speech — ominously ominous in the fight to get the legislation through the Senate before Republicans get it back.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 14:15


Watch Trump’s interview with NPR

NPR released footage from the interview that saw Donald Trump comment on its host.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 13:54


Statewide races to determine who runs the elections are attracting record donations

A key element of Trumpworld’s strategy to restore power is to install sympathetic figures in the statewide offices where elections are administered and vetted. Axios Reports suggest that with Democrats waking up to the prospect that Trump’s outgoing supporters will soon oversee the swing presidential election and operate with little oversight, record amounts of money are pouring into elections that are usually under the national radar.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 13:33


GOP “extremism” continues – ex-aide of Ted Cruz

One of the legacy of the Trump era is that the vast majority of Republicans cannot risk splitting ranks in the main right-wing narratives without stirring their side into outright anger. That’s what happened last week when Ted Cruz was forced to apologize on Fox News for using the word “terrorism” to describe the Capitol Rebellion, even though he and many others on the right used it at the time.

According to his former aide Amanda Carpenter, who is now an outspoken Trump critic, the senator’s interview with Tucker Carlson was an example of how Republican officials who used to stand up in principle against violence and lawbreaking were effectively “radicalised” by pressure from Mr. Trump and his government. Right-wing media.

Andrew NottiJan 12 2022 13:09

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