Twitter Roasts Call Of Duty’s Attack On Titan Crossover

Daniel Yatsu stares into the sunset with his rifle slung over his shoulder while wearing a Survey Corps uniform.

I’m about to “タ タ カ” to free Yatsu from this hell.
screenshot: Activision Blizzard

Playstation announced Call of dutyHis collaboration with the famous animated series The attack on the Giants Anime lovers and Game enthusiasts Both are roasting the hell of them on Twitter.

Today, Sony’s PlayStation Twitter account announced it Call of Duty: Vanguard And war zone It will receive an “epic” update on January 20 where players can unlock 10 The attack on the Giants– Items.

The upcoming “Levi Ackerman Pack” is named after the most famous character in the anime. PlayStation Blog Going into more detail As for what gamers can expect in the package, but people on Twitter don’t seem to share Sony’s excitement for the collaboration.

“I just received +800 psychological damage.”

“The strangest collaboration I’ve ever seen.”

“This is not for this departure.”

“We have Levi at home.”

“Wtf LMAO.”

“This is damned.”

“Levi deserves better than this.”

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I The attack on the Giants A fan, but as someone who learned about the anime and finished the manga, I tend to agree with those sentiments. But since it’s my job and out of pathological curiosity, I checked what exactly is included in AoT x cod cooperation. Three elements doubled as laughter, I wonder how Activision Blizzard came up with these interpretations of the anime characters.

When I raise myself into battle, whether it’s against man-eating titans or some online dude who has a high probability of sending me an unfriendly Xbox Live, an inspiring leader can make all the difference. cod‘s Daniel Yatsu They wear clothes of great value survey companies cosplay levi isn’t it? And if you feel uncomfortable looking at this random, shoddy collaboration, Yatsu looks completely miserable wearing Levi’s skin. You might think spinning a giant kill blade would be cool by default, but my man looks Frank ashamed to be there.

But the two items that totally got me moving are new names AoT– Guns with themes: Legendary Assault Rifle “Historia” SMG and “Ymir Curse”. As for my life, I can’t get over the fact of that cod Two of her weapons were randomly named after Lesbian Husband From the supporting show crew. Choosing this pair as their namesake for new rifles was an interesting choice because of that Sasha’s blouse And Gaby Brown, the AoT Celebrities who are actually famous for using guns, have been there.

to codTo his credit, the rifle’s temperaments align appropriately with lover’s attitudes and tactical preferences. Historia SMG is described as having “smaller-caliber magazines” and being “ideal for “gung-ho strategies” while the Ymir Curse is designed for operators who “take pride in accurate shots” and perform better when mounting. codMind is a puzzle.

While I didn’t play Call of duty game since then Modern Warfare 3, I can see one reason why It is an electronic game It became the main destination for crossover events. It is an electronic gameCartoon art style gives way to more believable character designs for Crossovers with properties like Naruto. codSeems hyperrealism, by comparison, only makes The attack on the Giants Collaboration looks cheap and unattractive. But the fight continues, I think.


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