Twitter workers visited an internal group chat called “Fauci Fan Club” –

Twitter workers visited an internal group chat called “Fauci Fan Club” –

Twitter workers visited an internal group chat called “Fauci Fan Club” –

(Natural News) When Dr. Anthony Fauci took the podium of the White House Coronavirus Task Force in March 2020, a new religion was born. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 scandal, Big Tech has worshiped Fauci at his feet and reconfigured algorithms to protect Fauci’s reputation, image and agenda. When questioned, Fauci refers to himself as “the science” and chides anyone who dares to question him for being “the science.”

Twitter contributors worshiped “The Science” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

Elon Musk has only just begun to expose bias and censorship on the “neutral platform” called Twitter. Most recently, Musk uncovered an internal Twitter group chat dubbed the “Fauci Fan Club.” The group chat was spotted on Twitter’s Slack channel. This group chat was used by Twitter workers to praise the corrupt and dishonest Anthony Fauci during the Covid-19 scandal.

Most notably, Fauci lied to Congress about his agency (the NIAID) funding gain-of-function coronavirus research in Wuhan, China. “Despite these glaring issues, Twitter still had an internal Slack channel with the unironic name ‘Fauci Fan Club.'” Musk tweeted on Dec. 28. Musk also pointed out that Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter, and Fauci’s wife served as head of the bioethics committee tasked with overseeing Fauci’s work and holding people like him accountable.

Former Twitter workers demand obedience to oppressive narratives, segregation and forced medical experimentation

Because of her blind worship of Fauci, Twitter became more than a biased social media platform. Twitter became a wartime propaganda machine, targeting anyone who questioned Fauci’s lockdown and Force VAX narratives. For example, when Chat GTP’s artificial intelligence is fed the question, “Has Fauci ever lied?” The answer comes back, “It is not accurate or fair to say” that the “eminent scientist” ever lied. dr Fauci and several members of the federal government worked directly with Twitter officials to foist oppressive and misleading narratives on the public while targeting so-called “misinformation” that threatened Fauci’s mandatory vaccination agenda.


Fauci’s crimes were openly celebrated and rammed down the public’s throat using censorship algorithms and corporate propaganda. Fauci, of course, has been the leading voice on ridiculous forced masking and other threats to medical privacy and body autonomy rights. He advocated keeping small businesses and churches closed while deeming certain businesses and civil unrest “essential”. He pushed for school closures and strict restrictions that hurt mental health. His edicts for the mentally ill closed children’s parks, sports programs, stadiums, state parks, beaches and more. He pushed for fraudulent medical testing, house arrest and contact-tracing programs without due process.

Fauci advocated crimes against humanity, enforced deadly drug protocols and the separation of families in the hospital systems. He was the leading voice for neurotic social distancing requirements and behavioral controls that made a mockery of critical thinking, relationships and basic human dignity. He arrogantly pushed for lockdowns against the unvaccinated, even campaigning for immunization passports and workplace mandates that marginalized individuals from society and threatened their very survival. To this day, Fauci calls the vaccine “lifesaving” and refuses to acknowledge the mountains of data proving the experiment failed, injuring and killing millions around the world.

As scientists questioned the origins of Covid-19, Fauci and his colleagues were quick to conclude that any “lab leak theory” is a “conspiracy theory.” When evidence was presented revealing Fauci’s involvement in funding the development of gain-function bioweapons in Wuhan, China, corporate media and Big Tech covered Fauci. This cult-like worship of oppression, deception, authoritarianism, and mass murder only emboldened Fauci as he repeatedly lied to Congress about his involvement in China’s increased-function coronavirus experiments.

Since Fauci lies about his involvement in gain-of-function research, it’s not hard to find his public comments from a decade ago. In a 2012 paper, Fauci praised gain-of-function research because its benefits “outweighed the potential pandemic risk.” This monarch’s reign has ended, and the cult of Fauci is fading into misery. Years of reckoning lie ahead for the corrupt Fauci and his propagandists in big tech and the corporate media.

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