Vaccine mandate news live: Biden ‘disappointed’ Supreme Court blocked ‘common-sense life-saving’ Covid rule

Joe Biden provides an update on the federal response to the surge of troops to Omicron

The Supreme Court has struck down the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate that would have required 80 million workers to either be vaccinated or undergo regular testing.

In a blow to the president’s pressure to vaccinate more Americans, the ruling comes as health experts believe the United States may be nearing the peak of the latest wave of Covid-19 brought on by the highly contagious variant Omicron.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci defended remarks made during a recent Senate committee hearing on health, education, work and pensions.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was heard calling Senator Roger Marshall a “moron” when the senator questioned whether he should have a publicly available financial disclosure form on Tuesday.

Dr. Fauci told MSNBC on Wednesday that he was shocked to learn that “the current US senator does not realize that my financial statement is publicly known.”

The infectious disease expert also clashed with Senator Rand Paul during the hearing, who accused him of politicizing the epidemic and “fueling maniacs” with his remarks. Since then, Dr. Paul has doubled down on his observations.

Dozens of scientists and medical professionals signed a letter defending Dr. Fauci from criticism that is “inaccurate, unscientific, ill-founded in facts and, increasingly, driven by partisan politics”.


NBC News: One million new cases of “Covid” within 24 hours

NBC News reports that the number of Covid-19 cases in the United States has now exceeded 63 million since the start of the pandemic.

There were 1 million new cases within 24 hours of the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13 2022 22:45


Before the states, there were incentives

Before the White House rolled out vaccine mandates in the late summer of 2021, the vaccine had been available for nearly nine months.

To encourage acceptance, a number of incentive plans across the country received White House support.

Ben Wakana of the Covid-19 Response Team provides some examples:

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13 2022 22:30


Scotos’ decision does not change the reality of the epidemic

If you are not vaccinated, you are more likely to be hospitalized and die from Covid-19.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 22:15


Flashbacks: OSHA – Small Agency, Big Job

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn’t grab many headlines. Tasked with keeping America’s workplaces safe, they are usually preoccupied with tasks such as setting and enforcing standards for goggles, hard tools, and stairs.

He was then directed to write a rule requiring employers with more than 100 workers to order vaccinations or provide weekly test results.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 22:00


What did the court decide?

The Supreme Court voted 6-3 along ideological lines to rescind Joe Biden’s mandate for companies that require those with more than 100 workers to place vaccination or regular testing requirements.

A second 5-4 ruling in court allowed the administration’s requirement to vaccinate health care workers to remain in place. Conservative Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh sided with the Liberal Justices in this decision.

However, the first ruling nonetheless represents a major blow to the plan announced by the president last year.

In the majority opinion, the six justices wrote that although Covid-19 was indeed a risk many employees faced in their workplace, it did not fall under the legal definition of “occupational hazard” provided by OSHA, the US government agency that enforces labor standards , can be regulated.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 21:40


Trump issues statement on Scotos’ decision

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement through his spokesperson Liz Harrington “

The Supreme Court has spoken, confirming what we all know: Biden’s disastrous mandates are unconstitutional. Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy, but he failed miserably on both — and states would have destroyed the economy even more. We are proud of the Supreme Court because it did not back down. There are no states!

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13 2022 21:25


Scotos: The most noteworthy act in Congress on mandating a vaccine was the refusal

In their decision, the justices noted that “the most noteworthy action in connection with the authorization of a vaccine by either house of Congress is a majority vote in the Senate that rejected the regulation on December 8, 2021.”

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 21:21


Ron Klein and Alyssa Farah tweets about Scotts’ decision

Former Mike Pence Press Secretary Alyssa Farah shared her thoughts on Biden’s vaccine strategy and received a response from current White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein.

Ms Farah tweeted: “The problem with Biden’s vaccine strategy from the start: 1) He completely skipped trying to educate and persuade skeptics about the vaccine and went straight to mandates, which got many skeptics digging in his heels 2) Virtually no one believed the mandate was ultimately In court “.

“Here we are: people are more divided than ever about vaccines,” she added. “I have to question whether spending a few months participating in targeted public awareness campaigns to dispel fears and myths about a vaccine would have done more to gain access.” on shots in the gun.”

Conclusion: “I know a few smart women who were nervous to get vaccinated before pregnancy or when they conceived. As much as we like to assume that everyone’s personal document tells them the medical consensus, others are not. These people can be persuaded.”

Responding to her initial tweet, Mr. Klein wrote: “We didn’t impose any vaccine requirements until August, and the ones that the court stays in today wasn’t announced until September. These requirements were only used after persuasion, incentives ($100 to get Vax) and approval Final approvals from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are in effect.”

Mrs. Farah replied, “Fair. But I think we need more persuasion. Some people will never budge – but I think many Americans are afraid because they have been given bad and false information. There is rampant misinformation about women and fertility – which must be combated.”

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 21:14


The White House will continue to do difficult things

When a reporter was asked about the administration’s next steps in the context that “things look like they’re going well now for the White House,” Jen Psaki responded by pointing to the successes and saying that they will continue to do difficult things.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13 2022 21:10


President Biden’s Statement on the Decision to Authorize the Scotos Vaccine

My administration began setting vaccination requirements last July, after months of free and widely available vaccines, 90 million Americans still not immunized. Today, that number has fallen to less than 35 million. These vaccine requirements apply to members of the armed forces, federal workers, contractors, health care workers, and employees of large corporations. Had my administration not put vaccination requirements in place, we would now be seeing a spike in deaths from COVID-19 and even more hospitalizations.

Today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the requirement for health care workers will save lives: the lives of patients seeking care in medical facilities, as well as the lives of doctors, nurses and other workers there. It will cover 10.4 million healthcare workers in 76,000 medical facilities. We will impose it.

At the same time, I am disappointed that the Supreme Court chose to withhold life-saving common sense requirements for employees in large corporations that were based squarely on both science and law. This emergency standard allowed employers to order vaccinations or allowed workers to refuse vaccinations, as long as they were tested once a week and wore a mask at work: a very modest burden.

As a result of the court’s decision, it is now up to states and individual employers to determine whether their workplaces should be made as safe as possible for employees, and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers during this pandemic by requiring employees to take simple measures and an effective vaccination step. The court has ruled that my administration cannot use the power granted to it by Congress to demand this action, but that does not prevent me from using my voice as president to advocate for employers to do the right thing to protect Americans’ health and economy. I invite business leaders to immediately join those who have already applied – including a third of Fortune 100 companies – and put in place vaccination requirements to protect their workers, customers and communities.

We have to keep working together if we want to save lives, keep people working, and put this pandemic behind us.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 13, 2022 21:02

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