WATCH Andy Schectman Explains –

WATCH Andy Schectman Explains –

WATCH Andy Schectman Explains –

(Natural News) One by one, the financial institutions that billions of people rely on to do business and conduct their lives are collapsing. Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin, warns that the end game of all these financial struggles will be hyperinflation.

Schectman joined Health Ranger Mike Adams this week in his Situation Update program to discuss the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank and other banks (e.g. Credit Suisse). that have either already occurred or are about to implode. What Schectman shared isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s also something you won’t want to ignore when the house of cards comes crashing down.

Much like it did in the past during the Great Depression and the Weimar Republic, the financial Ponzi scheme known as fractional reserve banking is reaching the end of another of its death spiral cycles – although this time it could be the cycle that ends all cycles leading to release a central bank controlled digital cryptocurrency like the CBDC that we keep hearing about.

Based on what happened in the financial sector just last week, Schectman and Adams – and this author – agree that the banking system of the United States, as well as those of central bank globalists across Europe, are failing. And for the average person, well, life is about to change dramatically.

“There isn’t a person in charge who has the slightest idea how to deal with finance, risk, economics or banking policy,” Adams also commented. “From Silicon Valley bank executives to state regulators and Treasury chiefs, they are all 100% bright clowns obsessed with their cult of wokeism but have no interest in risk assessments or financial diversification.”


Watch the full episode below to also hear Schectman’s thoughts on the matter:

Total collapse is the end

Modern finance is an inherently complicated subject, and Schectman breaks it all down in a way that most people can easily digest. He reveals that money is actually debt in disguise. He also lays out the ups and downs that have plagued our economic system since central bankers took over with the creation of the private Federal Reserve System in 1913.

Money used to be money. And up until the 1970s, even our Federal Reserve Notes were gold-backed—but no longer. Today’s dollars are backed by absolutely nothing, which is why the Fed gets away with printing endless amounts of them.

If money is just paper from the printing press, it’s worth no more than the money in the game of Monopoly we all played as kids. And as more people realize this truth, distrust of the system will grow, more people will start turning their money into things that actually have value, and the rest will be history.

Think of the situation update episode above as an introduction to how this collapsing system works. You will gain a better understanding of the market boom-bust cycle, the cause of inflation, why the Fed cuts only to raise rates later, and how it all ends.

“Austrians know that inflation is the growth of the real money supply,” wrote one commentator on the difference between the Austrian economy and the Keynesian economics that underpins the American financial system.

“Price inflation is different — how many dollars chasing how many goods? When the Fed cabal just declared that they would “secure” every bank deposit, they only promised to double the money supply (currently around $20 trillion)!”

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