Watch Gina Rodriguez Outsmart a Drug Cartel in ‘Miss Bala’ | Anatomy of a Scene

What a beautiful, sunny day, what a beautiful location and what terrible circumstances. Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) is being held hostage by members of a drug cartel, and she finds herself preparing food in a dream kitchen overlooking the mountains, while fighting for her life in a scene from the crime drama “Miss Bala.”

In this video, the director Catherine Hardwicke breaks down the high-stakes sequence: Gloria has been asked to surrender her phone to be searched because cartel members are trying to root out a mole. The phone ends up in a bag with several others, and does indeed have a chip in it from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Gloria has to figure out a way to get to the bag and get the chip out of her phone before she’s discovered.

Hardwicke talks about the blending of hand-held, close-up camerawork with a score of built-in heartbeat sounds to help amp up the tension.

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