WEF Uses ‘Public Health Safety’ to Impose ‘Mark of the Beast’ Technology and Control the World – zoohousenews.com

WEF Uses ‘Public Health Safety’ to Impose ‘Mark of the Beast’ Technology and Control the World – zoohousenews.com

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  • December 11, 2022
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WEF Uses ‘Public Health Safety’ to Impose ‘Mark of the Beast’ Technology and Control the World – zoohousenews.com

(Natural News) Restricted Republic host Lisa Haven and ReAwaken America founder Clay Clark spoke about how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is using “public health safety” to enforce “Mal of the Beast” technology and the to control the world completely.

During a recent episode of her show, Haven played an audio clip of an interview with Yuval Noah Harari, senior adviser to WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

In the interview, Harari claimed that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is accelerating the process of digitization and automation as it legitimizes the use of mass surveillance even in democratic countries. “And it gets the surveillance under your skin,” he said.

“Just imagine the situation where everyone is walking around all the time with a biometric bracelet or other devices that are constantly monitoring what’s going on in your body,” Harari explained. “The moment your body temperature starts to rise, the health authorities know you’re sick and isolated.” (See: WEF Lead Advisor Harari: Humans Are Now Hackable Animals; Free Will Is Gone – Brighteon.TV. )

Haven noted how chilling Harari’s statement is at its core, implying that people are being given “the mark of the beast” through implantable microchips or other forms of technology in the name of safety and fear of the coronavirus.

“Like there’s no hope for you if that’s the case [COVID] comes out. Hearing a world leader promote the idea of ​​this implantable chip is like heralding the end of days, the antichrist roll,” she said. “It’s just always that false sense of security that they do to initiate the beast system.”


Clark, also a business coach and entrepreneur, listed three ways the globalists are pushing their “under the skin” maneuvers of surveillance and control.

“One of the ways is using celebrities. If we can get a celebrity to convince you, or an expert to convince you to put an RNA-modifying nanotechnology injection into your body, they will. Think Jennifer Lopez, celebrity pastors, Tony Fauci, Rick Warren and Andy Stanley pushing lockdowns,” he said.

Fear, according to Clark, is the second way. Global elites instill fear in people so they have no choice but to submit to a mandate.

And the last one is for the love of money. Clark quoted 1 Timothy 6:10: “For the greed of money is the root of all evil, which some desire after they have strayed from the faith and pierced themselves with many anxieties.”

China-controlled CBDCs will be the new currency

Elsewhere on the show, Haven also played an audio clip of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussing the upcoming launch of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and programmable CBDCs.

“FTX has exploded in spectacular fashion, it looks like a scam. But in hindsight, instead of thinking like, “Why did the regulators let that happen?” New efforts are being made to regulate every single financial transaction that takes place in this country through something called central bank digital currencies (CBDC). If that happens, we’re done. They can control you with the push of a button,” commented Carlson.

Clay agreed, saying that this is what they do in communist China.

“In China, you went to the store and couldn’t buy anything because your money was shut off due to a low social credit rating associated with you and your behavior online and offline,” he said.

Haven went on to explain that once a person is cut off from all cash transactions, there will be no other way. “If they don’t like what you’re doing, your politics, or what you’re talking about, they just turn off your little chip,” she said.

Marcos Prado Troyjo, President of the New Development Bank, recently announced that they have started with a concept of what the future of the global economy would look like. This means that the programmable CBDC, which is controlled by China and is about to be introduced, will start as a new currency.

“Klaus Schwab kept giving props to communist China. Apple CEO Tim Cook promoted China, one of the most communist regimes,” Haven commented. “The agenda is much deeper in the United States, where they’re buying up our farmland, funding some of our schools and colleges to go to China, and how committed they are now at the head of the Biden family.”

Visit Surveillance.news for more news related to microchip technology that would improve globalist surveillance.

Watch the full episode Restricted Republic starring Lisa Haven and Clay Clark below.

This video is from Lisa Haven’s channel on Brighteon.com.

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