White House economic adviser Brian Deese pushes spending as inflation fix

President Biden’s top economic adviser, Brian Daisy, continued to push for trillions of dollars in government spending to be increased Wednesday as the nation grappled with rising inflation.

Deiss, director of the National Economic Council, was questioned several times during a White House news conference about what the administration would do to tackle inflation after the Consumer Price Index, at 7%, showed December saw the largest year-over-year increase in nearly 40 years.

White House National Economic Council Director Brian Daisy indicates he speaks during the White House daily press briefing on January 12, 2022, in Washington, DC. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images/Getty Images)

Brian Desi: What do you know about Biden’s National Economic Council director?

While acknowledging that there are “price increases that need to be addressed,” Dess credited the Biden-backed $2 trillion US bailout passed last year to reduce hunger and child poverty in the country and continued to plug a costly additional construction project. Several trillion dollars. Back to the better social spending and climate plan the White House is now pushing.

“We will continue to focus on those ways in which we can address the typical pocket issues that the American people face, and this is one of the issues that explains the importance of the underlying economic rationale behind a plan to build back better,” Dess said.

“Because for American workers who benefit from a strong labor market and more jobs but also struggle with costs — not just food, but also childcare costs or the cost of health care — the components of a rebuilding plan better address these issues head on.”

When pressed to see if there’s anything the administration plans to do right away to address rising food costs, Dess said what it has already done is “historic” but noted that there are supply chain issues that the White House intends to address.

Joe Biden

President Biden (AP Photo/Evan Vucci/AP Newsroom)

The White House against an unjust defensive bulge as the republic’s wage payments have been wiped out by price hikes

Dess emphasized that the inflation witnessed in 2021 was a “global phenomenon” due to the epidemic.

This isn’t the first time Deese has pushed for an expensive “Build Back Better” plan, which has faltered in Congress, as a way to combat high inflation.

“By providing affordable child care and affordable aged care, we will help get these people back into the workforce, which will reduce price pressures while reducing the practical costs Americans face,” Biden’s chief economic adviser told ABC in November.

“That’s the issue we’re going to make and that’s why handing over now to the American people is the right thing to do,” Dess added, calling on Congress to pass the plan.


Newly released data shows that inflation grew at its fastest pace in 12 months in nearly 40 years during December. It showed a 7 percent jump from the previous year, as prices for everything from gas to furniture rose for American shoppers. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/Getty Images)

Following Wednesday’s CPI report, Conservative Heritage Foundation research fellow Joel Griffiths criticized the Biden administration’s economic agenda, writing: “Low-income families and working Americans are particularly hurt by higher prices because they spend a greater proportion of their income on things like energy and used vehicles, Which is rising faster than the general average.”


Griffiths noted, “The Biden administration is proposing to permanently expand government spending through the Build Better Act as well as trillions of new spending in recent months.

“The White House has been asleep at the wheel, and Americans will continue to pay the price for the Biden administration’s reckless disregard for their well-being until change occurs,” the analyst continued. “This inflation is not going away, despite the administration’s claims to the contrary. They have been wrong about almost every economic forecast so far – this time it will not be different.”

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