Why are Rockstar fans pushing the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag?

Rockstar’s Open World Cowboy Game Red Death Connected It’s been popular all past weekend and into this week, but not for the reasons the publisher might want it. Players are creating a viral hashtag in an effort to claim some answers about its continuing evolution. #SaveRedDeadOnline is currently a hot topic on Twitter, and old fans are demanding some kind of update from Rockstar – or at least an explanation of what’s going on.

Red Dead Online is add to Red Dead Redemption 2but very similar to Grand Theft Auto Connectedhas been turned into its own standalone product. Fan response comes from the lack of recent content updates: Rockstar released a Blood Money update on July 13, 2020, a disappointing addition after a long period of silence, and there has been no word since. While individual updates may be fine, the general lack of them means fans will still be disappointed. When Rockstar finally released an announcement on January 6, it was a disappointing one that focused on experience points and in-game cash rewards. In the resulting frustration, the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline was born.

I had a fair amount of time on the frontier, spending a hundred hours playing alone and in position. My cowboy is an accomplished hunter and merchant, with a fully upgraded moonshine hut. You’ve handed carts full of leather, dropped dozens of not-so-well-worked thieves, and picked up a variety of beautiful cosmetics. You could tell I took a time or two. But Red Dead Online It has completely fallen out of my league due to the lack of updates; It’s hard to swish among friends when there’s no prompting to encourage you to do so. While there are daily challenges and regular discounts, the core of the game itself is mostly untouched.

Hence, fans are taking to social media to try and show that there is a customer base who wants more of Red Dead. While the western environment lacks the wild modern-day concepts Grand Theft Auto OnlineThere are still plenty of possibilities for new careers, quests, campaigns, or crimes. There is still a lot that fans think is worth the “save”.

This isn’t the first Red Dead rodeo with fans outraged. In July 2020, Red Dead fans dressed up as clowns as an in-game protest against Rockstar. The game has never had the attention – or success – of its sister game Grand Theft Auto Online. Even with this in mind, the long period of silence was disheartening for the fans.

Part of the hope behind the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline is that it will spur some kind of response from Rockstar, who have been holding out on the issue. Red Dead Online Content table. Although there is no response yet, the hashtag and its popularity prove that the game still has a fan base that is still pending and hoping for an update on Hail Mary.

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