Why Martha Stewart has brand deals with Liquid Death, Tito’s, Oreos and more

Why Martha Stewart has brand deals with Liquid Death, Tito’s, Oreos and more

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  • January 26, 2023
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Soaringly elegant home cooking, obsessively edgy rose gardens, easy-breezy conversation, unchanged shoulder-length blonde hair—I can confidently say that only one person is an expert in all four areas: Martha Stewart. Over the course of her decades-long career, she has firmly established herself in the field of culinary icons. Should we talk about her eponymous magazine? Maybe her TV show The Martha Stewart Show, which ran for seven seasons? Maybe we should start with her 99 cookbooks. Or her infamous prison time. Or her frequent collaborations with Snoop Dogg. Or the peacock massacre that took place on their vast estate.

If you have the odd feeling that Martha has been all over the place even more lately, you are not wrong. In the last year alone, at the age of 81, she’s been in branding deals with Liquid Death, bewildered but enthusiastic about selling cat litter in TV spots, and starring in three (three!) new series about gardening, cooking, and vacation entertainment on Roku tv She stiltedly sells lighters for BIC, she works with Hypebeast clothing brands, she hosts a podcast, she makes wine that retails for $11.99, and she’s topless in a coffee ad. Just last month, she appeared in a commercial for Tito’s vodka brand, and as of this writing, she has landed another branding deal, this time with Oreos. Are you ready to enter the Marthaverse? Too late – you’re already here.

In 2023, Martha has achieved what every brand and TikTok tweenage dreams of – mastering the art of staying relevant online. While not everyone is a fan, almost everything she does feels newsworthy because audiences never know what to expect. If there’s one thing Martha will do, it’s zigzag when you think she’s going to zigzag.

You might think she’s focused on selling a special napkin iron, for example, but Martha is starring in an advert for Tito instead. Why is this woman, who seems committed to Chardonnay, selling vodka? Who knows. How does she somehow pull the teeth off? This is the Martha magic; Whether you want to be drawn in or not, her on-screen personality balances humor, approachability, and a calibrated amount of silliness. Her combination of absurd partnerships and unrelenting charm is the perfect storm for internet fame. No one can predict what she’ll do next, and each collaboration seems tailor-made for a clickable blog headline. And honestly, at a time when we feel like we’ve seen it all, it’s nice to know that Martha can always surprise us.

Of course, context for Martha’s wild success is an important part of understanding. She built a brand and lifestyle from a specific segment of Connecticut’s burgeoning housewifedom that isn’t generally accessible to all. It is a quaint, precious lifestyle space. Part of Martha’s success as the ultimate entertainer is that she’s just the ticket – a non-threatening white woman who’s ready to squirt a chicken with frightening ease at any moment. Yes, Martha was the butt of many jokes during her prison time in 2004, but the successful restoration of her image and business can almost certainly be attributed to her privilege. Not everyone can go on late night shows to tell silly anecdotes about their parole officer.

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