Wyze’s new Cam Plus Lite plan raises questions about the future of free services

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Wyze has come a long way in offering home security solutions that are “too good to believe” – ​​some moments are more unfortunate than others – but the path forward toward sustainability means offering great subscription services at affordable prices. With that said, the company is now introducing a new subscription category with your own name for Wyze Cam Plus.

Cam Plus Lite will bring 12-second video recordings every 5 minutes with cloud storage for up to 14 days and bring people detection into the fold as well. As mentioned above, users decide how much they will pay. This means nothing, if they really want to, but Wyze will suggest certain donation levels to users.


The plan will apply to an entire family of supported products which includes Wyze Cam v2, v3, Pan v1, v2, and Cam Outdoor – video doorbell owners will be able to use the Cam Plus Lite at a later date.

The new tier won’t replace the free basic plan, which includes footage up to every five minutes with alerts for motion, sound, smoke, and carbon monoxide. The Wyze Cam Plus, which features a variety of other detection triggers, Wyze Web View, and product discounts, still costs $2 per month or $15 per year per device.

What will change for basic plan users, however, is the ability to save event recordings to the cloud. In an effort to reduce unnecessary notifications, Wyze will require people to be detected to start it on February 15th. Thus, event recordings will be reserved only for Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite subscribers. However, there is no registration deadline for free users to migrate to Cam Plus Lite and they are also not obligated to register.

On the flip side, those who prefer local storage will be pleased to know that Wyze has secured an exFAT license that will allow users to install microSD cards larger than 32GB. Cam v3 owners already have this ability with the latest firmware update; Other cameras will need to wait for the next camera. Plus, triggering the event is made much easier with one-click access to timestamps and the 30-second skip and rewind buttons—expect the latter in mid-February.

This is not the first time the company has used a template for your name Price. In 2020, it asked owners to make contributions to use the Emerging Person Detection feature as it struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Wyze says it will assess the cash flow that Cam Plus Lite generates before deciding whether to formally offer the plan to future products. Of course, with the way things are going, we may also have to be prepared for the possibility of non-zero prices for all users someday.

You can sign up for Cam Plus Lite here.

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