Xur’s horse of the nine is a real mystery in Destiny 2

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Event for Saucepan 2 It’s fast approaching, and the studio has begun teasing players with screenshots ahead of its December 7 release date. Bungie’s latest reveal, Screenshot Tweeted on ThursdayShow Xur, the series’ mysterious merchant who transports exotic goods around the world every week, standing next to a celestial horse.

Naturally, this brings a lot of questions to mind. Is there a horse in the pot? Is this Xur’s horse? Is Xur a horse girl? These were all legitimate questions that caring co-workers asked me, assuming I’d be able to help them.

But as a Polygon expert, and as a fan of the Destiny series since its debut, with thousands of hours in the game across multiple platforms, let me tell you: Stop asking me questions about Xur’s horse or Mike (or anyone else). I can not help you. no one can. Nobody has the Xur horse answers you’re looking for.

Here’s what I know: the Xur horse debuted with launch Fate 2. Back before the Trials PvP mode discontinued and reappeared as the overhauled Osiris Trials we now know, it was known as Trials of the Nine. Instead of pleasing the Saint-14, it was all about climbing the very mysterious Tower of Nine (more commonly designed as “IX” in Destiny) by making your way to the top.

Photo: Bungie via Polygon

Players who were able to go flawless (seven wins without a single loss) in Trials received a unique emblem called You Are Worthy and were moved to a special room. The badge had the image of the heavenly horse on it, and players lounging in that room could get a rare glimpse of the starry horse running. Now that the Trials of Nine are gone, Bungie still uses the horse room from time to time; She plays a small role in Season of the Drifter in 2019 and is the final loot room in Prophecy’s dungeon of 2020.

This is where we’ve seen a horse before, but that doesn’t answer the question: Why a horse? I do not know. I told you there would be no answers for you, and the past 200 words didn’t change that. Some fans certainly have a few theories, but none of them are backed by textual scientific evidence. But that’s not particularly surprising when it comes to the nines.

The Nine is still mostly a mystery to Destiny players, though Xur is revealed as their “emissary” within the first few days of SaucepanIn 2014. It looks like the 30th anniversary event will involve them in a big way, which means we might get some answers about their past, their purpose, and even the horse. But I wasn’t holding my breath. The Nine had their own PvP mode, an entire season, a dungeon built on them and even after all who – which We still know very, very little. Bungie seems intent on keeping this group a mystery for as long as possible.

We know that Xur and his horse will appear in the 30th Anniversary Pack, and that they will appear in a new room (a big step for the horse!) but that’s it. We’ll definitely find out more when the package launches on December 7th, but just how much can anyone guess.

But finally, we’ll leave you with a quick horse Q&A, answering Polygon’s staff questions about the horse as best I can:

Q: Can I ride the Horse of Destiny?

a: Of course not, but you never know

Q: So I can’t ride the Horse of Destiny like a sparrow?

a: I think this is a dressing horse. Maybe it will be a non-playable character and you can talk to the horse?

Q: Does Xur ride the Horse of Destiny?

a: Could? But Xur seems to have a really bad back, so maybe his driving days are over

Q: So I can’t buy the Horse of Destiny?

a: I think the horse is talking about? I’m not even sure if Xur owned the horse. No one may own a horse. But can you buy the pack and this could lead to more time with the horse?

Q: Can I shoot the horse of Destiny?

a: maybe you can shoot via the horse

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