Your Escape to Paradise: Virginia’s East Coast

Your Escape to Paradise: Virginia’s East Coast

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  • December 31, 2022
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Parksley love signParksley love sign

Quiet towns, beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine. Sounds like something you would find on an island far away, doesn’t it? As it turns out, your escape to paradise might be a little closer to home.

Take a moment as you traverse the engineering marvel of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and breathe in the salty air from Fisherman’s Island overlook. You’ve made it across the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and embark on an incredible journey through the Peninsula on Virginia’s east coast. This viewpoint is a perfect place to experience ESVA sunsets!

Once largely undiscovered, this promontory is now teeming with life while preserving the longest stretch of natural coastline in the eastern United States. From the moment you arrive you can see conservation in action! The ESVA is home to several wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and parks.

On Chincoteague Island at the north end of the coast you’ll find ponies, rockets and a classic beach town vibe. Cross over to Assateague Island and explore the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Cape Charles offers a stylish selection of boutique shops and restaurants in a city that perfectly balances historic and beach town qualities. There are three spots in Cape Charles on Mason Avenue that were once banks – can you find them all? Stroll the streets of historic Onancock and enjoy the thriving arts and crafts scene by the bay. Want a slower pace and a little more space? Visit towns like Wachapreague, Parksley, Cheriton or Saxis or take the ferry from Onancock Wharf and spend a few days exploring Tanger Island. Miles of paths await you along the coast, which you can explore on foot or by bike. Visit Hawk Watch at Kiptopeke State Park in the fall and try to identify some of the hundreds of birds that roam the coast. At least one rare species is sighted every year – you might be the one to find it!

OnancockOnancockBarrier Islands Center entranceBarrier Islands Center entranceBiking on Chincoteague IslandBiking on Chincoteague Island

During the winter months is the perfect time to hike through the nature reserves and experience the stillness that falls over the swamp. Watch migratory waterfowl enjoying the waterways and visit historic sites along the trails. Learn more about the area by stopping by one of the local museums and shopping in their little shops. It’s also a great opportunity to try an East Coast oyster or clam from one of their local producers. Their waters are some of the cleanest you’ll find and the perfect place for growing incredible seafood!

All year round there is always something to enjoy when exploring the coast.

From nature to history and art to incredible food, you’ll find everything you want to experience on Virginia’s East Coast. What will you discover as you make unforgettable memories on Virginia’s natural shoreline? Find your piece of paradise between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia’s east coast can’t wait to see you!

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